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Thread: amnesya (special thread for level 53 Wicked Wizard)

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    Post amnesya (special thread for level 53 Wicked Wizard)

    For a real long time people are stuck at level stop without finding an answer. There are a lot of reasons I think this is a level with no answer (I will name them later). That's why I have been looking for a level that may have gotten us on a wrong track. More and more I came to think level 53 the wicked wizard is this level. I have a lot of possible clues for a secod answer, but i did not yet find another answer (not leading to the fake levels). Since it can be confusing to discuss this level in the stop tread.

    Reasons I think level stop is an dead end and level 53 needs another answer:
    - there is no highscorelist for level 51-60 (as if it is not properly solved yet)
    - in level 53 is said: You will get lost forever if you fail > waiting for the end of next season over and over again is forever if you ask me
    - the username and pasword after level 60 make me think there is something wrong
    - the wizard.swf in the source of level stop
    - the url from the access pages to the levels 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50 and 51 -60 all have the same pattern: .../x-*****-x/...
    But the url from the access page to the 4 Gates is: .../y-*****-y/...

    possible clues to an alternative answer for level 53
    - Wicked Wizard of OZ
    - another thougt I post earlier in the stop tread:
    - maybe the right thing is something on the right side
    - there is an egg page (hahaha) saying: "did you really think it would be so easy? " on this page is a link to a site of 7 witches
    - maybe we need to do something with the 20 different fake-levels

    I hope we find an alternative answer here because I really hate level stop, it doesn't give me much inspiration to puzzle.

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    This is a special thread to discuss a specific level of Amnesya. For other levels, please use the game thread here:

    Please also be aware that the general rules like for all riddles apply also here.


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    I believe that the real level that we must fix is Level AE...
    1) Stop is a dead end, and the dot less IP answer led us to Stop from AE.
    2) Stop hints towards the seasons, and there are 365 lines in the source code of AE, so we must find another answer to AE to pass... maybe to level AF!
    Still on Stop

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