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    Red face Alabaster

    It is a moonless night. The lantern light does not reach far. You are seldom frightened in these woods, but tonight is unusual.

    Snow White is with you. Her wrists are bound behind her back. She has made as much of a nuisance of herself as she could, deliberately stumbling over every root in the dark, until you had to half-carry her this far.

    Earlier, you killed a hart and left it here. It was a preparation: you didn't want to have to hunt such an animal in the darkness.

    Now, you can't help wondering whether you should have spared the noble beast.

    An Interactive Fiction* game. Good Luck

    *NOTE to Admins/Mods: This is how it was described. Not sure how else to describe it, yet.

    Another Note: This game has 18 different endings, some of them "almost happy" (according to the game site).
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    You might start by describing it as a down loadable game.

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