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Thread: Dream Interpretations

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    hey funja it seems like ive had a dream just like u when ive been falling and it was so scary especially when i think that im about to die
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    Reawakening this thread ( FUNNY DREAMS )

    Dream 1:

    I was lying down on my bed. Then... I changed the channel on the tv

    Dream 2:

    I was in my friend's house. In my dream she had a butterfly garden. My other friend is scared of butterflies( she was there ) Then my friend( the one who owns the house ) was like "I have a 5 legged butterfly, but I can't find it ) Then my other friend said " Uhmmm... I think i kinda killed it" Then my other friend was like "WHAT?! With what?"
    My friend said "With this" Then she showed a container and it was some weird worm thingies My friend (house owner) was like..... " Jennifer Lopez?!? " I was like O_o :roflsmilie:
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    Quote Originally Posted by leapfrog View Post
    This thread is for members to discuss dreams they have had, and possible meanings for them.

    If you think dreams mean nothing, please explain why.

    I had an intense nightmare last night and it got me thinking - what does it mean? Is something bad about to happen? Let me know what you think. Also, if you're having your own crazy dreams, post them here!

    My dream:
    I was in the forest, with a friend and a girl I had just met (in my dream). There was a white bear (not a polar bear - although it may have been a young one) chasing a small orange dog. The dog wasn't afraid, but interested in the bear and I was concerned that the bear would kill the dog, but they just played.

    Then the bear turned on me and the girl I had just met. We climbed up these skinny trees to escape the bear, but it started climbing up the girl's tree. She climbed across into my tree, and the weight of both of us made the tree sway. We were very high up. She falls from the tree to the ground. I can't tell if she was ok. I realise if I don't get down I will also fall, and so I try to climb back down. At this point I am more worried about falling than the bear. The tree is swaying so much that I can't climb down. And I wake up!

    (I was sweating - that never happens to me! And my heart was racing. It was like it was all real)

    So... you're interpretations please!

    Hey Leap Frog,

    IMO, I think you have some suppressed anxiety about being alone or feeling alone and a fear of situations that you cannot control. But i could be way off. To me your dream looks like it is leaning that way.


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    My dreams were crazy, yet completly.
    I have no idea what alot of them were, but i do remember some of them.
    They are like a bunch of scrambled messages that put together doesnt make sence.

    1 of them, when i was young, was with a bunch of kids and that Nick.Jr face on the TV. Alot of the kids were throwing things at it and all of a sudden, the face's voice starts to mess up and then it dies. Then i look at the door and, for some reason, see a ghost with a question mark on itself. Then i woke up.

    I have no idea what it meant either.

    And there was one were there was this man sitting on a chair and it looks like im looking through a camara. Then this guy keeps on flicking his head all over the place like crazy, laughing. Then he eats the camara and i awake.

    Still dont get it.

    My dreams just keep on getting creepy, and one of them keeps repeating.

    That one was where im on this car in a street i dont even know and right in the middle i see a door. I get off the car and look behind me... its gone. So i go to the door, open it and all of a sudden im looking at a weird angle, i see this shadow grow larger, like something is coming and i awake.

    Its like its telling me someone is coming for me or something. i dont know.

    All i know from all these dreams is that they are crazy.
    and they happened when i was young, like 7 years old to 10.
    (the crazy guy one was when i was 5, amazingly)

    Does anyone get these dreams?
    Cause i dont.

    my latest one was when i was in my bed, and all of a sudden, there was a radio there on full blast. It said something in a language i couldnt understand, then laughing started and then all of a sudden something grabs me, and i wake up.

    Amazingly i got that when i woke up TODAY!
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    I dreamt something recently which I can't fully remember.
    I forgot the start but then I found myself at my grandma's house. I wanted to go home to celebrate the New Year, but found out there were only a few hours left to it. I went outside and found out a long strip of candles, and we were in a stadium or something really, really huge. Then, somehow, I'm back again in her house and want to go home. When I exited I saw a road going to the left and being uphill. There was a single car on it and I couldn't see past the turn. There was also a lot of snow which restricted my movement. When I made the first step, I woke up...

    I just remembered another dream from when I was younger...
    Everything was white around me. There were only me and the girl I liked in that room. When I tried to kiss her, just before to get to her lips, she fainted and everything around me started having colors. I think we were in a parking place. Then her friends showed up and we took her to a hospital. I think I woke up after this.

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