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Thread: Student Survivor

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    Default Student Survivor

    Create a student and help them graduate from Surviville Uni by keeping him or her on top of their health, social life, studies, and finances. Have them exlpore the town to attend lectures, get a job, and check the notice board for tasks to do. To control your student, use simple type commands such as "eat," "drink," "study," sleep," "shower," "watch TV," and "go to unversity," and so on. How they react will depend on their location in the town, fatigue level, and mood (or they may decide not to listen to you, so keep them happy!).

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    Wonderful game. I didn't read the spoiler about the commands but I made up a few of them which worked. Great game!! Thanks for posting Amber
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    awfully cute ... but when does the game end?... I haven't been able to get a job yet... tried "get a job"... "find a job" "do parttime job" and she doesn't understand them... did try "go to work" but I think she went to do homework instead

    haven't yet tried getting rid of the cones she got from returning from the pub

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    My charrie didn't want to play yo yo or football =|

    She has done now but she won't invest and I can't get her job or to meet friends

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    On the bulletin (sp?) board at the University you have all these adds for jobs, to aplly for a job just go to the place offering the job and type the word on the bottom of the add.

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    how can you get her to empty the rubbish in the house? and also how can you get it to show the uni board?

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    what does academic mean and how do i get it up ?

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    academic refers to school and study so get it up by saying "uni" to make them go to uni and "study" to make them well... study
    uni = university

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    thank you !

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    no worries. i'm still tryin to figure out how to get her to empty the trash!

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