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    Things To Know
    NPCs with yellow circles under them are quest givers.
    NPCs with blue circles under them will save your game.
    NPCs with purple circles under them are shops.
    You stop gaining talent points at level 50.
    Always buy the best gear from shops when you have the money.
    If you give an incorrect answer to a riddle you can't answer again.
    Shadowgates spawn groups of enemies for every 25% of health they lose.
    If you talk to the sage south of the second town, and do his quest before destroying the two shadowgates north of the town you will not be able to get the next quest preventing you from completing the game.

    I use east, south, west, and north followed by a number to indicate that you should move that many screens in that direction. You'll find talent suggestions at the bottom of this guide.

    Area 1
    Walk right, and talk to the quest giver on the map to receive a bow. Move east 2 through the town killing all enemies on your way. Talk to the quest giver, head west 1, and talk to the quest giver there. Go west 1, north 1, east 3, south 2, and west 3 making a circle around the town. Kill all enemies, and destroy all gates on your way. Head back to the two quest givers you visited before picking up another from the one in the center of town. Make your way east 1, north 1, and west 1. Defeat the enemies there, and head back to the quest giver in the center of town. Go 2 south to exit town.

    At this point I suggest visiting the three riddlers in the game. Answering their riddles correctly will give you exp, a talent point, and an item and/or some gold. Doing this now will give you a significant advantage for the rest of the game.

    Riddler 1 - 5 squares south of the north-western most square on the map.
    Riddler 2 - 5 squares east of the north-western most square on the map.
    Riddler 3- The south-eastern most square located on the map.

    Riddler 1:
    Q: In our calendar some months have 30 days, and some months have 31. How many months have 28 days?

    Riddler 2:
    Q: In a bag there are 32 green gems, and 32 red gems. How many gems would you have to remove to ensure you got two different gems?

    Riddler 3:
    Q: If a third of six is three; what would half of twenty be?

    Area 2
    If you went to the riddlers head back to where you left off in area 1. Talk to the quest giver here, and go west 1 to find another quest giver. Upon approaching him he will disappear, and you'll have to fight 4 enemies. Defeat them, then return to the quest giver east 1 to receive your reward. Head south one into a camp. Speak to the quest giver, then continue south 1 into town. Defeat all the enemies here, and all the enemies you find 1 screen east and west of here as well. Return to the camp north of town to turn in your quest. To the east and west of the camp you'll find shadowgates. Destroy then, then head to the center of this town (where the inn is). Speak to the quest giver, then head south 2 screens. Talk to the quest giver south 1 along your way.

    Area 3
    Speak to the sage (quest giver) here, then make your way to the areas located east 2, and west 2 of this location to find 2 Sorcerers. Defeat them, and return to the sage for your reward. Head north 2 to the second town to find it in shambles. Talk to the quest giver, and then go north 1, east 2, north 2 to find a well. Approach the well to receive a toy sword. Go back to the center of town, and travel west 2 to face your first boss. After defeating him return to talk to the sage. Stop by the quest giver north 1 of the sage to give him the toy sword.

    Area 4
    Travel north 3 then east 3 to reach the final city. Speak to the quest giver here, then head east 1 to find another quest giver. After speaking with the second quest giver head east 1, north 2, then west 3. Kill the captain here, then continue south 4, and east 1 to find another camp with another captain. Kill this one, and head east 2 to find the crazy old man. Speak to him, then return to the quest giver in the center of the third town. Then make your way south 1, and west 1 of the crazy old man. Kill the Mind Reaver, then return to the old man. Go back to the screen where the Mind Reaver was, and destroy the shadowgate there. You find a second east 2 of the old man. After destroying the second one go back to the old man. West 2, and south 1 of the old man you'll find a Sorcerer. Another is found east 1, and south 1 from the old man. Defeat them both, and go back to the old man to receive a quest to defeat another boss. The boss is found east 2, 1 north of the old man. Defeat him, speak to the old man one last time, then head to the area 1 north of the save/shop in the third town.

    Area 5
    Speak to the quest giver, head west 1 and speak to the quest giver there. You'll find a shadowgate heading north out of town, and 2 more on the screens to either side. Destroy them, and return to the last quest giver you visited. Go to the northern exit of town to find several enemies there. Defeat them all, then return again to the last quest giver. You're told to go east 1 to revisit the quest giver there. Do so then go north 3.

    Keepers of Light
    Here you'll find a well and sign encircled by 12 stumps. Approaching the sign reveals the following riddle:

    "Only the brave and clever will find what they seek."
    First comes seventeen, but it is by that name only at night.
    Second comes the halfway mark of beginning to end.
    Last comes the third quarter of half of the whole.


    Once you solve the riddle a man who calls him a Keeper of Light appears. He asks that you travel west to find a blue flower surrounded by a horde of Shadowspawn. You have to figure out how to obtain the flower by walking over it, and then return it to him.

    Easy method to obtain flower:

    Upon returning to the keeper he gives you the first piece of the Shadowslayer set. Travel to the south-east screen of the lake to find the second Keeper. He tells you his lake has been taken over by the shadow. Destroy all the enemies around the lake, and return to the Keeper to receive the second piece of the Shadowslayer set. Make your way to the sage from area 3 in this guide to discover he is in fact one of the Keepers. Go to inn in the second town to be ambushed by shadow stalkers. Once you've dispatched of them accordingly they will drop the third piece of the set. Return to the sage. You'll find several stealthed enemies on screens that previously had none so be aware. Make your way to the screen south of where the old man used to be. Speak to the pile of bones to discover it's the fourth Keeper. Go to the log on the screen to find the fourth piece of the set. Once you do this the fifth Keeper appears. Speak to him to discover the final piece to the set has been stolen. Head north 1, west 1 to find a boss. Defeat him for the final piece, return to the fifth Keeper, and then go back to where you found the first Keeper to find the hero of old. Approach him and he'll give you 1 of four weapons. Select the one best suited to you, and save your game.

    Final Battle
    You want to save your game now, because you aren't given an opportunity to do so once you defeat the final boss. When you're ready to face him go to the north-eastern most screen to find the final shadowgate. The only notable difference about this gate is that it spawns larger waves of enemies, and upon its destruction the final boss appears in its place. After you defeat him the screen fades, and you're presented with the epilogue to the story. Congratulations! You've beaten the game.
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