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Thread: The Will 2: The Castle

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    Default The Will 2: The Castle

    Downloadable game with nice graphics (have not yet played it myself):

    Search for hidden gems in another dead relative's house to inherit a fortune. A point and click game.
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    First~ (Like I really win anything, though. xP)

    Interesting game. I have a lot of stuff so far, but only 4/10 gems. And I'm stuck now. ^__^
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    I'm stuck as well. Can anyone help?

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    Stuck for the rest. Help!

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    Yes! Finished

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    I got this link after playing this game, try it yourself

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    Default Help

    I have 7/10 I cant find how to get to the chandelier the ladder is not long enuff? can someone help me please.......................

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    The last three are probably something to do with mouse-hole, chandalier and locked box in bedroom. But I don't know, yet, how to get them.

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