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    Getting Started
    Just some information about the controls, and purpose of the NPCs. Check the bottom of this guide for more information about skills, composing, and tips on fighting monsters. If there's anything I missed in this guide feel free to send me a message, or post in the Arcuz forum thread. I'll do my best to help.

    Special Controls
    Jump Attack: K + J - After you reach the peak of your jump (when you're going back down to the ground) you can press the attack button to slam the ground with a short-range aoe attack that does normal damage, and knocks back enemies around you. This attack knocks flying enemies to the ground.
    Double-Jump: K + K - In order to use this you have to 'jump off' another enemy. This means you have to be near an enemy that's already as high as your first jump. This includes jumping enemies, flying enemies, centaurs, and anything else as large as a centaur. You can follow the Double-Jump with the Jump Attack. It doesn't do any more damage than the normal Jump Attack.

    The map does an excellent job of displaying where you need to go, and how you need to get there. Each area contains several blocks that make up the zone. Except for blue and pink blocks, blocks do not appear on your map until you have visited them. Blue blocks indicate entrances to connecting zones, and pink blocks represent blocks that contain a quest objective. When you enter a pink block you become trapped. If you have a town scroll you can use it to go back to town if you need to. Otherwise you'll have to either finish the objective of the quest, or die to exit the block. Since the map does a good job of telling you where to go I'll leave it up to you to get to your quest objectives unless it's difficult to find.

    Town NPCs
    All NPCs in town will give you quests at some point in the game.

    Wayne - Village Head
    Wayne serves only as a quest giver.
    Kimura - Ranger
    Kimura serves only as a quest giver.
    Anna - Little Girl
    Anna serves only as a quest giver.
    Chung - Merchant
    Chung sells the highest level item set available to you with composed stats already on the items, but still have their normal number of composes left. This means the stats on his items are bonus stats, giving them the potential to be the best items in the game (except for blue/gold quality items). Although his items are expensive they're well worth the investment, and are actually cheaper than trying to make the same item with the same stats yourself.
    Paul - Sorehead Knight
    During the latter parts of the game Paul gives you access to his 5x8 storage container. This gives you a place to store any items you don't need to carry around on you.
    Gran - Blacksmith
    Gran sells the two highest level item sets available to you that have no stat modifiers on them. These are comparably cheap to Chung's items, but are really only beneficial at the beginning of the game when you don't have much money and out-level gear relatively quickly. New item sets become available every 5 levels. e.g. 6, 11, 16, etc.
    Susan - Witch
    Susan sells potions, town portal scrolls, and items for composing. She doesn't always sell items for composing, and when she does the crystals/stones she sells are random. Every new act she adds better potions to her inventory for purchase. She's also the NPC that is used for compositions. Refer to the compose section for more information.

    Each chapter I'll give my recommended goals. Main quests will be listed first, followed by optional quests. Following the name of each quest is the name of the NPC that issues it, along with the difficulty of the quest for a specific character level if any.

    Chapter I
    • Familiarize yourself with the controls of the game.
    • Reach Level 2
    • Recommended Skills: Lv. 1 Prefered Weapon Proficiency

    Main Quests:
    Equip a Weapon - Wayne
    Go to Gran, purchase and equip any weapon you like, then return to Wayne.
    Kill 3 lv 1 Slimes - Wayne
    Exit south of town; kill the slimes there, then return to Wayne.
    Kill 10 lv 1 Slimes - Wayne
    Exit south of town; kill the slimes there. The fastest way to complete this quest is to kill the 3 slimes just south of town. Then respawn them by going back to town, and south again. Return to Wayne when you're finished.
    Level-up and Skill Point - Wayne
    Open your Char window, and spend your stat points. Open up your Skill window, and spend your skill point on the Proficiency Skill of your weapon. Speak to Wayne when you're finished.
    Weapon Composition - Wayne
    Speak to Susan, place the two crystals, the stone, and your weapon in the compose slots, then press the compose button. Reequip your weapon, then return to Wayne.

    Chapter II
    • Try to get +drop rate gear.+30 should be enough. Refer to the compose section for recipe.
    • Reach Level 11
    • Recommended Skills: Lv. 6 Prefered Weapon Proficiency; Lv. 2 Berserk; Lv. 3 Prefered Tier 1 Activated Skill

    Main Quests:
    Don't Be Proud - Paul; Lv 6
    Kill 20 lv 7 wolves, then talk to Paul. The best place for this is the entrance to Silent Hill. I recommend getting the Lv 6 weapon before attempting this quest. You may even want to hold off a few levels if you're not skilled at dodging attacks.
    Susan's Honey - Susan;Lv 11 Easy
    Kill the Purple Hornet in Rose Forest, then return to Susan. The biggest obstacle in your way of completing this quest isn't the boss itself, but the orange slimes on the way. They hit very hard, and even harder if their fire damage procs. Be careful on your way to the pink block. Once there, the only enemies you face are hornets.

    Optional Quests:
    Bet Between Two Men - Kimura
    Go south of town, and kill 100 slimes in 5 min. I suggest doing this quest the same way as the Kill 10 lv1 slimes quest. It can be tedious, but it's the fastest way to do it.
    Teddy Bear - Anna;Lv 7 Hard;Lv 11 Easy
    The Wolf boss can be extremely tough if you're not prepared. You "can" beat it at Lv 6 or 7, but you're in for a long fight. The wolf does not flinch, so if you're not prepared to spend a long time dodging then attacking wait until you get the Lv 11 weapon, or some decent armor to mitigate its damage.
    Robbed Goods - Chung;Lv 11 Hard;Lv 16 Moderate
    Retrieve Chung's goods from the Goblins in the North Forest. It is highly recommended that you wait until Chapter III to attempt this quest. You'll have to make your way through several orange and blue slimes, goblins, and hornets before you reach the pink block. When you get there you're met with a bunch of goblins ranging from lv 7 to lv 15.

    Chapter III
    • Focus on getting good stat gear, and more +drop rate gear if you need to. Refer to the compose section for details.
    • Reach Level 21
    • Recommended Skills: Lv. 10 Prefered Weapon Proficiency; Lv. 3 Berserk; Lv. 3 Holy Light; Lv. 3 Prefered Tier 2 Activated Skill

    Main Quests:
    Horn of Courage - Kimura;Lv 16 Hard to Easy
    Collect 12 Centaur Horns from the centaurs in Goethe Grass, then return to Kimura. This can be difficult if you don't fight the right Centaurs. Unless you feel confident that you can beat the Lv 17s, look for the lv 15 ones 2 blocks east, and 2 blocks north of the Goethe Grass entrance. When you kill them all use a portal scroll to go to town, and take the portal back to respawn them. The Lv 15s are a pale shade of red, and the Lv 17s are an orange color. The centaurs don't always drop a horn, and you'll likely have to kill more than 12 to get them all.
    Mission of Anna - Wayne;Lv 16 Hard;Lv 21 Moderate to Easy
    Go to the Sadness Forest, and rescue Anna. At lv 16 the goblins are relatively easy. Go straight for the mage, and take him out quickly or his spells might 1-shot you. Once you kill them all two Lv 19 Boss Pink Slimes spawn. They don't flinch, and can hit pretty hard. For this fight you might want to bring an attack and defense potion.

    Optional Quests:
    Chemistry Lesson - Susan
    Compose a Large Potion of Rejuvination. Refer to the compose section for recipe.
    Purpose of Saving - Chung
    Save 3,000 gold; speak to Chung.
    Flickering Ironstone - Gran;Lv 16 Hard;Lv 21 Easy
    Find the Ironstone in the Mystery Cave for Gran. You have to defeat all enemies at the pink block in the cave to get the chest containing the Ironstone. Be wary of the poison wolves, and bring some Alexipharmic potions if you need to.
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