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Thread: The Space Cadet - Beta Testers Wanted

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    Default The Space Cadet - Beta Testers Wanted

    Hi all,

    I have finished the beta version of my new downloadable game (26 MB, plus installation of a video codec needed). It may still have bugs, and therefore I need some beta testers.

    You play as a cadet of the Space Academy whose job it is - apart from his/her studies - to test interfaces and communication devices of new spaceships.
    Your day starts as usual, and you have a boring day ahead of you. But a distress call changes everything...

    Requirements for beta testers:

    • You have Windows XP or Vista
    • You have time to beta test the game within the next 2-3 days
    • You report all bugs with a detailed description where it happened (since you will revisit some locations I also need to know how far in the game you were to find the problem)
    • You don't distribute the game to others, or post it anywhere. The official fixed version will be available publicly after the short beta testing time of 2-3 days anyway. Then of course you can spread and post the official version if you like.

    If you fulfill these requirements, please send me a PM, and I'll give you the download link. Thank you

    You can check out some screenshots here.

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    After the huge interest of zero persons from GH , the beta testing is over.
    Therefore I'm going to bin this thread.

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