ahh I found the error. my computer compensates for the error. Here is what you need to use:

javascript:x=0;e=document.body;e.style.position="absolute";function rt(){e.style.top=100-(50*Math.cos(x*Math.PI/180))+"px";e.style.left=100+(50*Math.sin(x*Math.PI /180))+"px";x+=5};setInterval("rt()",50);void(0);

GamersHood site leaves an error that cannot be corrected. I have fixed it by changing the color. So it should work now!

1. right click, hold & highlight the info. & select copy (found when right clicking)

2. go to the main page. Click in the gamershood forum url & delete it

3. leave cusor in the url box then right click to paste the new info.

4. Click "enter" on your key board

that should do it. I have corrected the first post.