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Thread: What are you listening to?

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    I've just found the following song and it is awesome!
    I new that Delilah has the talent, but I've never heard this song before:
    Delilah - Never Be Another
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    Default What are you listening to

    Ive seen this subject posted on countless forums, but I was surprised no to see it here. So here it is: what are you listening to right now or, if youre not listening to anything at the precise moment, what was the last thing you listened to?, and what do you like dislike? about it?

    Allow me to start.

    Camille Saint-Sa?ns, Piano concerto N?2, Bella Davidovitch. In my opinion, Saint-Sa?ns is waaaay to underrated - at least in France. Beautiful stuff. I just love that little romantic-but-not-mooshy touch.

    Your turn

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