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Thread: Neutral Riddle

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    Default Level 5B

    Had to start from the beginning because of a new pc. Anyhow, i am stuck at 5B, i have no idea what kind of animal it is on 2nd picture.

    Oops., spoke to soon haha, allready found it, sorry.
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    Can someone help me with 67b? I decoded the three dices, but I'm stuck at the following egg!!

    EDIT: Thanks Tamk!!! Onto 68.....69???

    EDIT: Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Cool Hint for Level 14

    that willl lead you towards the answer...
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    Default Level 42

    Does anybody still play this game?

    I'm stuck on level 42

    I've downloaded the sound and I am looking at

    Could anybody help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Riddler View Post
    Does anybody still play this game?

    I'm stuck on level 42

    I've downloaded the sound and I am looking at

    Could anybody help?
    I never kept notes on this one but I seem to recall that there is more than one way to look at spectrum with audacity.

    PM if you like.

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    Anyone still playing this? I'm stuck on level 62 and could use some help....

    I decoded the first bit and got a message with 2 uppercase words. I decoded the 2nd bit and got a new .htm page. Now Im not sure what the next step is. These 2 things both seem like dead ends, Im not sure what Im looking for to get the solution to this level. AM I still looking for another egg, or did i find it and just dont know what to do with it?

    EDIT: Finally got it! I still never figured out what the first egg meant, but just started playing with what I had until eventually I got it. Now stuck on 70...
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