Helo guys!
I would like to post about one great new release, which is out on April 5th. It is a great new space shooter that I discover few days ago.
Game is named as Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounters

"In this space shooter the player is in a role of a turret gunner/shooter serving on a deep space exploration mission. Encountering an alien race while scanning for mineral rich asteroids in the region, the conqueror race starts it’s attack right at the beginning. As it later turns out, the region is not dense with minerals – it is rich with hostile vessels…"
"Featuring beautiful graphics, explosively fast game-play and a lot of hours of fun while fighting through hordes of alien fighters, drones and mother-ships through space to ultimately reach Earth and inform the fleet of the impending attack!
Can you survive all of the 6 worlds of total annihilation and destruction, over 1000 alien fighters and drones, with a couple of mother-ships launching wings like crazy?" (taken directly from site of AD developers team)

Now, I really do not know if it's against the rules to post anything else except this text here, such as screenshots (which are really beautiful and deserves attention of all gamers of community) or a link to the original site of the developers team. I want to respect rules.
If the administrators of GamersHood agree, I would gladly like to write a comprehensive review of this game! Please answer me! Cheerz!