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Thread: Can't play!!

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    Default Can't play!!

    Someone can explain me why I can't play any game on gamershood???
    Help me, please!!

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    What do you mean exactly? Can't you play games that are hosted on www.gamershood.com or can't you play any flash games in general?

    Make sure that you have the latest Flash Player version installed.
    Go to this page:
    and it should display which version of Flash Player you have installed.
    If it's not version then upgrade it.

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    Hi Biscuit,

    Please post at least one link to a game you are experiencing this issue with, and we will look into it.
    In advance, thanks you very much for reporting it. Our administrator has been notified about it.
    Faily of Kzin

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    Hi Biscuit,

    I had the similar problem. All the Mochi games were working, but then, out of the blue, all the Mochi games were unloaded(blank screen). This happened on every site i checked. I didn't find any help, but i did a weird thing what seemed to help. I refreshed one game several times, every time Mochi loaded a little longer and longer, after few refreshes the game was working and after that every other game were working too. Try to refresh one Mochi game several times, i hope this will do the trick.

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    had the same issue about mochi

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    All Games Menu content links are broken on front end. The white space that would be populated with large thumbnails is just white space with one active ad tile in lower right-hand corner. The phrase "Nothing found" appears in the bottom of the white space. Mouse-over ads can be invoked and closed. Some ad invocations are set to fire when links from Games Menu are clicked. The ads play, but there is no transfer to content sub-menu. Grammar parsing of search argument occurs, but search fails with "Nothing found" message.

    Was able to play on GamersHood.com yesterday. Can play on other sites such as GotMail.com, Yizzim.com and HoodaMath.com. Can play through other portals such as Nordinho.net and EscapeGameHint.blog.fc2.com. Updated to latest flash player this morning, but no joy at GamersHood.

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    Having the same problems as Pamster00. It's been going on for 2 days now. I have no idea how to fix/what to do. Any help would be appreciated. I haven't tried getting in any other way than gamershood.com. Thanks - JJay

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    Default Can't play either

    Unfortunately I'm having the same issue. The links worked fine for me a couple days ago, but now I just get the error "Nothing Found" When I click any of the menu links up to and including "Gamershood top 15"... nothing. Hope this gets fixed soon!!!

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    Same here

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