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    Question Puzzle Pirates

    I'm surprised no one has submitted this game yet... maybe it is new(hmm I don't know how long this game been on actually )

    ... anyway I joined recently and have been enjoying it cos it is so cute... don't know if it belong better in role playing category or puzzles category... you're role playing as pirates but you interact with objects and other pirates in puzzle games similar to tetris/jewel drop/ishido ... somewhat like a game of venturing around a virtual world with other online players... and many mini games to play

    I'm posting here and not in the game category forums cause I'm not sure I'm allowed to do this... I am posting a link by which if accessed and persons register through the link I supplied... I get credit for it...

    (and becasue of this I feel a bit relunctant.. like I'm taking advantage of people)... yet however... invites get credit too... so the other way of looking at this is I'm helping those who I invite
    If yer friend accepts yer invite, they get 500 PoE to start his/her pirate career, and ye get 1500 PoE yerself!
    ... 500 PoE is a big help especially for newbies...

    (you probably see why I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this)

    this is the link.. registration and the esential parts of the games are free... you could subscribe for subscriber features (though for myself I don't need them )

    another question I have is... am I allowed to add their banner to my signature? ... the one I intend to use will be like this
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    1) It is fine to post the game in this New Games section. After being checked by GamersHood, it will be moved to the appropriate category.

    2) For the link to the game: I prefer posting neutral links to games, therefore I changed your link, sorry.

    3) Hmm, and for the logo? It contains again the link with which you get points. Signatures are here to add some words, thoughts etc. and not for advertising or adding links to get points. Therefore I just left the logo without the link. If you are allowed to use this logo: I can't tell what the owners of Puzzle Pirate think about it.

    Thanks for posting this nice game and for your understanding that I edited your first post.

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    This game is really cute ^^

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    yeah and I'm pretty hooked ... the game is brilliantly designed... I just learnt about "pillaging"... it's where you join a crew on the ship and do your duty.... bigger ships can allow more players... there are different duty stations... 'navigating'.. a jewel puzzle game where the navigater directs the ship...'sailing', a jewel drop type game where your performance effect the speed of the ship...

    sometimes your ship may be persued or attacted by other ships (sometimes your ship attack others too).. when you're in sea battle that's when everybody's skill needs to kick in... there's also a "gunnery" game.. another puzzle game wher you need to load the cannons in the correct order (pretty tricky for me)... THe ship can hold many cannons.. but canot use any unless asomeone loads the cannons ... there's the carpentary puzzle where your aim is to fix damages to reduce flooding.... and then a bilging game where you remove the flood in...

    if the attacking ship gets hold of the persuee... a brawl takes place... sword fighting most of the time... another jewel drop puzzle... and in a brawl instead of one on one it's the crew on crew ... The crew that wins in the end takes 10% of the other ship's riches... and that's it... no one gets injured... ship's as good as new even after a fierce battle

    it's a very social and interative game... and after playing it awhile I agree this thread fits in adventure game cos you're living and adventuring around a pirate world ... and yes it is really cute... the characters, the pets... and the game set-up... too bad I can't subscribe from my location but even without the subscriber features it is still sooo fun

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    I have an account for this game, look for me as Musicfreak. (Freakshow was taken and they don't accept numbers)
    I'm back, but for how long? Meeting someone from the past is just one of the great parts of life, isn't?

    I Don't Do Crazy, I Perfer Sanity Challenged

    I'm not like crazy people, I just hang out and act like them ^^

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    I LOVE this game.....always looking for a decent Spades partner, find me on Doubloony
    Totally Urban!!

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    Default wondering

    is there a cheat to make more money on this game?

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    Lol I know this is a bit late (what a year?)

    But anywayzzzz...

    There are no cheats in this game.
    And yes it's a A GREAT game

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    if ur goin 2 sign up dats my referal link
    put bunny in sig to help him take over the earth!!
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