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Thread: Small Wooden House Escape

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    I added a new link

    Strange as Angels, Dancing in the Deepest Oceans

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    Using new link....
    Wasted time clicking, instead of 'dragging' items to use.
    Found 6 items and now have key....
    Opened chest and drawer codes.

    Found the spanner, modified piston rat(?) but can't seem to put bolt back on? Got it finally!
    Nothing seems to work on pump...
    Added 3 pieces to pump...still not pumping...

    Used SD to get missing piece and now pump is working....still no water...?

    Filled bucket, watered plants...done!
    That a tough one!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kipper View Post
    have all you mentioned above

    any chance of a hint? I'm totally stuck.

    OMG You have to highlight and then drag to use mouse clicker
    Can anyone help me with the code I am stuck on in this game?? It's the one with the stars, moons, hearts, flowers and grass..

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    I can't combine or use anything
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