These people....

For people who are supposedly into food they sure are dumb,take this line: "We all agreed that this option would be best utilized as pico de gallo alongside a main course dish instead of on a chip"

Pico de gallo is not a generic term for a side condiment,it IS a condiment.

And Tostitos Salsa came in 2nd??? Yuch! I've had it & it's barely worthy of the name salsa.La Victoria makes excellent salsas,their Salsa Ranchera is one of my favorites.But for all time salsa goodness Sadies Salsa is my hands-down favorite (their restaurants are fantastic too).

If you get hold of either of those & you're not used to hot stuff,well,don't say I didn't warn you

Funny salsa story: On a hunting trip to Oklahoma some years ago with a friend,we'd taken a big jar of Sadies to share.As we were having breakfast in the cabin (eggs & venison sausage,mmmm),I passed the jar around.The Okie boys verrrry carefully put little dots of salsa on their food,when it got to me I just poured about 1/2 a cup on my eggs & sausage.

Suddenly everything went silent.I looked up & they were all staring at guy said "You're gonna *gulp* really eat that much?"
"Yep" I said "I love it!"

They sat there & watched as I took a big bite of it.I'm sure they thought I was either showing off or just crazy,but the truth is that I love hot stuff (well,I might be crazy too,but that's another discussion).

I live in New Mexico,which produces most of the chile crop in the USA,we tend to be a little fanantical about chiles,so much so that we have a Chile Pepper Institute & we're the only state in the Union that has an Official State Question: "Red or Green?",referring to what type of chile would you like on your food

Chiles are one food that you can eat as much of as you like,no calories,high in Vitamin C & potassium,lots of fiber.If you have a cold they'll open your sinuses so you can breathe (keep a lot of tissue handy).They're part of the nightshade family which includes tomatoes & potatos.

Now you know more than you ever wanted about salsa & chiles & I'm done babbling *stumbles out*