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Thread: The Abridged Series

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    Default The Abridged Series

    On youtube there is a show called the abridged series. It is basically yugioh(old school yugioh, sorry GX and 5D fans) but they do voice overs and sometimes its stuff we thought about but never asked. It is HILARIOUS(capitals needed) and i recommend it to everyone.

    To find it:
    1. Go to youtube
    2. In the search box look up the user CardGamesFtw
    3. watch Episode 1 of the abridged series and if you like it watch some more

    Please comment about what you think/opinions/questions/ranting
    Trust in the
    Heart of the Cards

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    I have watched this show, but not on youtube. I watched this show on other site.

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    Default The Abridged Series

    Sounds like the same ole regurgitated **** to me. It would be nice if they would feature some unknowns from small families, but no its always the same old crew.

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