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  1. Take 2 keys from picture on the left
  2. Take 1 key from reeds in the pond
  3. Drag away water lily to get 4th key
  4. Take 5th key from green picture on table (in the hand)
  5. Take 6th key from pink picture on table (bow tie)
  6. Take 7th key from white picture on table (in one of the stars on top)
  7. Drag away second panel on the bottom left of sofa, push red button twice, push last white button on top of sofa and take the 8th key (under belt)
  8. Drag away sky in window and get 9th moving key
  9. Pick up left paper on the floor and drag away white part to get 10th key
  10. Pick up right paper on the floor and call the number that is on it. Wait for flying elephant and pick up 11th and 12th key.
  11. Click the six buttons on the wall (start top right and go anti-clockwise) to get 13th key
  12. Drag away the panel above the 6 red buttons to get 14th key (push red button to open panel above it)
  13. Drag away brown/red square from right curtain to reveal red button, push it to get 15th key
  14. Push Summon Bugs and take 16th key from between the ears of bunny
  15. Hit tab key and get 17th key from belt of Darth Vader
  16. Drag down the sign at left edge of window (you see only a line first) for 18th key
  17. Click the first white button on top of sofa a couple of times, a dragon will appear. Click its mouth and it will spit fire and reveal another hidden panel on the bottom left of the sofa. Click the green button to get rid of magnetic field and get key that jumped away earlier.
  18. Drag the yellow button on top of the blue one, you'll get a second green button (this allowes you to drag away the trap door and to open last hidden panel on sofa)
  19. Open panel on bottom right of sofa to get 20th key
  20. Drag away trap door and set the colors according to the note on the wall (minus one according to the hint in the panel on the left under the picture): yellow (top), green (left), blue (right) to reveal big trap door where you can escape.
  21. Click the big trap door and you are out.