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    Exclamation Nick Bounty

    Nick Bounty : A Case Of The Crabs
    Hint Guide by Kevin Lynn from the official website of Nick Bounty.

    These hints are divided into sections, each of which gives questions and solutions appropriate to one portion of the game. Each question is followed by one or more hints.
    General hints for playing A Case of the Crabs
    Look at everything.
    Talk to everyone.
    Get everything that's not nailed down. --Who knows when you might need it?

    Shellfish and Murder
    Arthur Griffen is dead! What should I do?
    Hint 1: You'll have start an investigation. Are there any clues around?
    Hint 2: Look at the crab. Take the crab. Look at the knife. Take the knife.
    Hint 3: Look at the box. A clue!
    Hint 4: Go to the docks.
    Why can't I go anywhere?Hint 1: You need to get a clue!
    Hint 2: Because you don't know where to go.
    Hint 3: Look at the box. A clue!
    Hint 4: Go to the docks.

    A Motive for Murder
    What do I do now?
    Hint 1: When in doubt, talk to everyone, examine everything, and take everything.
    Hint 2: Talk to Bill.
    Why won't Bill talk to me?
    Hint 1: It could be your breath.
    Hint 2: But that's not it. He's just busy. You'll have to get his attention somehow.
    Hint 3: Maybe putting something in his bucket would get his attention.
    Hint 4: Something like a crab.
    Hint 5: Use crab with bucket.
    What was Arthur up to?
    Hint 1: Maybe you should have a look around.
    Hint 2: Remember the crate he was carrying.
    Hint 3: Look at the crates. Look at the squid. Look at the sponges.
    Hint 4: You'd better have a look inside the crates.
    Hint 5: Use knife with crates.
    All I found is a crate full of crabs. Now what?
    Hint 1: Take a closer look at the crabs.
    Hint 2: The crabs are fake! Better keep one as evidence.
    Hint 3: Next, you'd better check out the restaurants.
    Hint 4: Start with the Blue Crab Cafe.

    At The Blue Crab Cafe
    I can't get in, they have an ID scanner!
    Hint 1: You'll need an ID card then.
    Hint 2: You know who would have had an ID card? Arthur. Arthur would have had an ID card.
    Hint 4: Better head back to the office and search the body.

    Back at the office
    I looked at the body, but there's no ID card. Now what?
    Hint 1: You'll have to make a fake ID card, then. Do you see anything in the office that might help with that?
    Hint 2: Look at library card. Get it.
    But how will an expired library card help?
    Hint 1: One side is blank. You'll put your false identification on the back of the card.
    How do I make a fake ID card?
    Hint 1: The ID card will need to have the fingerprints of an authorized person.
    Hint 2: If only you had a book to explain the fingerprinting process.
    Hint 3: Look at the fingerprinting book. Take it.
    But this book is too long!
    Hint 1: That's what they said about "War and Peace" too!
    Hint 2: But in this case it's true. You'll have to cut it down a little.
    Hint 3: Use knife with book. Look at leaflet.
    OK, how do I get the fingerprint?
    Hint 1: Follow the instructions in the leaflet.
    Hint 2: Look at the leaflet. Look at it again as you complete each step.
    Where am I going to get an ink pad?
    Hint 1: That's the sort of thing one might find in an office supply store.
    Hint 2: But there's no office supply store in this game.
    Hint 3: Where else might one get some ink?
    Hint 4: Some squids spray an inky substance as a defense mechanism. Seen any squids lately?
    Hint 4: Go to the docks. Frighten the squid with the crab. Viola! Look at the ink.
    Hint 5: A sponge might make a nice ink pad. Get sponge.
    Hint 6: Use sponge with ink. Now back to the office!
    Hint 7: Look at leaflet. Use sponge with hand. Look at leaflet. Use card with hand. Look at leaflet.

    Back at The Blue Crab Cafe
    I still can't get in!
    Hint 1: Apparently, the ID card still lacks a photograph.
    Hint 2: Seen any good pictures lately?
    Hint 3: Did you happen to notice the flyer on the building next door?
    Hint 4: Use knife with flyer. Use small photo with card. Use card with scanner.
    I'm in! Er, now what?
    Hint 1: Don't get out much, do you?
    Hint 2: Normally when one goes to a restaurant, one begins by talking to the hostess. Talk to Sandy.
    Hint 3: Better check out the kitchen, too.
    Hint 4: Remember, always look at everything.
    Hint 5: Talk to Gutman.
    Hint 6: Also remember, always try to get everything.
    OK, I'm done talking to the cook. What next?
    Hint 1: Go out the back door.

    At The Boss's Place
    What happened?
    Hint 1: You were escorted at gunpoint to a meeting with the Boss. He was obviously trying to intimidate you into giving up your investigation.
    Are there any more clues around here?
    Hint 1: Sometimes a good detective has to dig around in the garbage to find what he needs.
    Hint 2: Look at the garbage. Take the cans.
    Hint 3: Look at the window.
    Hint 4: Talk to Wilbur.

    Gathering Evidence
    How can I implicate the Boss?
    Hint 1: You need some way to prove what you know about the Boss.
    Hint 2: This is where some surveillance equipment would come in handy.
    Hint 3: Maybe that old Victrola could be useful...
    How can I get the Victrola from Gutman?
    Hint 1: He wouldn't let you take it before because he was using it.
    Hint 2: If he were forced to stop using it, maybe he'd let you take it.
    Hint 3: Go to the alley behind the Cafe. Look at the fusebox.
    Hint 4: Most people don't realize that crabs spit when they feel threatened.
    Hint 5: Use crab with fusebox. Look at the wires. Get the wires. Now that the power is off, the Victrola should be available...
    Hint 6: Go in. Get the Victrola. Head back to the alley. Don't feel too bad, this was really the best thing you could do for Gutman. He was wallowing in self pity!
    Am I done here?
    Hint 1: Head back out into the alley. There sure are alot of empty boxes back here.
    Hint 2: Move the box. Get the card. Look at it. Who could have dropped that card...

    At Jim's Shack 'O Crabs
    I can't get Jim to talk to me?
    Hint 1: Well, he appears to be a little preoccupied at the moment.
    Hint 2: Perhaps if you helped him get rid of that rat...
    Hint 3: You can't kill it, but maybe you can trap it.
    Hint 4: You'll need some bait, and something to grab the rat.
    Hint 5: Bait's no problem, you've got that cheese from the Cafe.
    Hint 6: But you'll need to use it with something else in order to make a trap...
    Hint 7: Something like that toy crab you found at the docks. Use cheese with toy crab. Use trap with rat. Talk to Jim.
    Hint 8: Sounds like Jim could use some sort of exterminator.
    Hint 9: Use business card with Jim. Who could the exterminator be?

    While Wilbur is on the phone
    How can I implicate the Boss?
    Hint 1: You're going to want to listen to, and record the Boss's incriminating conversation.
    Hint 2: Can you use any of the stuff in your posession to listen to and record a conversation?
    Hint 3: Yes, it turns out you can.
    Hint 4: Use wires with cans.
    Hint 5: Use listening device with window. Hmm, still need a recording device...
    Hint 6: Use device with Victrola.
    Hint 7: Use spy equipment with window. now you've got him!

    OK, I have the recorded evidence. What should I do with it?
    Hint 1: The safe thing to do would be to take it to the police.
    Hint 2: But since when does Nick Bounty play it safe?
    Hint 3: Let's confront the Boss! Go to the Boss's office.
    Help! He destroyed the evidence, and now he's going to shoot me!
    Hint 1: Well, what were you thinking, barging in and confronting him like that?
    Hint 2: You'd better shoot him first!
    But I don't have a gun!
    Hint 1: That IS a problem. Maybe the knife would work?
    Hint 2: Nope. Besides, it's evidence. Got anything else?
    Hint 3: Use crab with Boss. Now THAT'S irony!
    Hint 4: Congratulations, you have won!
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    Nick Bounty : The Goat in the Grey Fedora
    Hint Guide by Mark Darin & Kevin Lynn

    A Dame and a Goat
    I've been hired to find a ceramic goat! What should I do?
    Hint 1: You can't be stuck already, can you?
    Hint 2: To start your investigation, just pick up the spykit on the bookshelf and the ruler on the desk.
    Thats's it for this room, so go ahead an leave!

    Legal Briefs
    I'm at Mr.Ledbetter's law offices. What do I do now?
    Hint 1: When in doubt, talk to everyone, examine everything.Talk to the Secretary.
    I told her that I'm a laywer and now she wants me to prove it!. What do I do?
    Hint 1: Well... prove it! You have studied up on Latin legal phrases, right?
    Hint 3: You don't remember anything from all those years of watching Law & Order?
    Hint 4: Select the following responses when prompted: Habeas Corpus, Ex post facto, Modus operandi
    I'm inside the office!
    Hint 1: Maybe you should have a look around.
    Hint 2: Hmmm, no goat statue here. Maybe you can find some clues!
    Hint 3: No clues either, huh? I guess this room has been cleaned out!
    Hint 4: Nothing in this room is of imediate use. Just gather what you can and hit the road!
    The only places I can go from here are Nick's Office, Kitty's house and the Law Office. What gives?
    Hint 1: Well, there is nowhere new to go because you haven't obtained any new leads yet.
    Hint 2: Usually, to get a good lead you have to talk to someone.
    Hint 3: If the secretary isn't being helpful, maybe you should try letting her know what you are looking for.
    Hint 4: Show the GOAT PHOTO to the secretary and she'll suggest a new place for you to look.

    Big Trouble in Little Chinatown
    In the pawnshop, how do I get a copy of Mr.Trosser's mailing list card?
    Hint 1: Did you try taking a picture of it with the SPY CAMERA you picked up in Bounty's (Part on the Spy Kit.)
    Hint 2: Yeah, that camera didn't work too well.
    Hint 3: Perhaps you can make an imprint of it!
    Hint 4: Have anything in your inventory that can lift ink imprints?
    Hint 5: If you don't already have the GENERIC BLOB in your intentory, go back and buy it from the old chinaman's shop. Looking at the blob in your inventory reveals that it really isn't a bust of Nick, it's just Silly-Putty!
    I can't use the putty on the rolodex and I still don't have a copy of Mr.Trosser's mailing list card!
    Hint 1: Using the putty directly on the rolodex would be too obvious.
    Hint 2: Maybe you could try attaching the putty to something else first.
    Hint 3: Something like a mialing list card of your own .
    Hint 4: Talk to the Stuffy Englishman and ask "Can I get on your mailing list". He will then give give you a blank card to fill out. Use the PUTTY with the BLANK CARD.
    When the Englishman asks what my name is, I can lie! Is that some kind of clue?
    Hint 1: Well, it certainly isn't a lesson in morals!
    Hint 2: But why would you want to lie about your name?
    Hint 3: Lying about your name will cause the Englishman to file your card in a different sopt in the rolodex.
    Hint 4: Did you notice that after you have given the Englishman the card with the putty, when you ask for the card back, it now has the information of the card that was behind it imprinted on the putty?
    Hint 5: Give the Englishman the CARD WITH PUTTY to file. When he asks for your name, reply "Nick Tronty".
    Now talk to the man again and Nick will ask for the card back. This time the address for Mr.Trosser has been imprinted in the Silly-Putty on the back. A new location has been unlocked on the map!
    A stick puppet girl wont let me take the magazine, what should I do?
    Hint 1: She won't let you buy anything until she puts on her puppet show.
    Hint 2: You could help her put on a show.
    Hint 3: If you dont have a puppet,maybe you could make one!
    Hint 4: Use RULER from your office with the PHOTOCOPY you made of your face in Ledbetters old office
    Hint 5: The puppet you made is pretty flimsy and isnt quite good enough for the girl. Try using some tape on it to make a good, sturdy puppet.

    Cℓĭck Here to pℓαγ "Tђє First Door"
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    Mr. Trosser's Fakes Room: Finding the Goat
    Trying to find the right goat in this room is like is like trying to pick out the cleanest underwear in the heap! How do I know which goat to take?
    Hint 1: That magazine you picked up in Chinatown said that scuplture apraisers use Florescent pens to date their work.
    Hint 2: Floursecent writing might be hard to see in normal light, but it glows quite brightly in a black light!
    Hint 3: Use the BLACK LIGHT you bought at the Odd Shop in Chinatown in one of the lamps.
    Hint 4: Only one of the lamps will work, and you'll have to turn off the lamp to unscrew the regular bulb first.
    I can sorta see some markings now, but they are too faint to read! How come? Cheap pens?
    Hint 1: Nope, the pens are fine.
    Hint 2: But there is still too much light in the room.
    Hint 3: Turn off the other lamp so that the Black Light is the only light source in the room.
    Hint 4: Inspect the goats again.
    OK, I can see the markings clearly, but it's all just giberish.
    Hint 1: Maybe it's French.
    Hint 2: Nope it's not French. Maybe if you knew more about sculputre you could translate the markings.
    Hint 3: Get the MODERN SCULPTURE magazine from the newsstand in Chinatown and LOOK at it when it's in your inventory.
    Hint 4: Now everything should make sense. Inspect the goats again!

    Rick's China House
    I wanna see the restrooms Sam was talking about.
    Hint 1: You are a strange, sick human being.
    Sam isnt getting up to help Mr. Trosser.
    Hint 1: He said he'll do it after lunch
    Hint 2: Seriously, let the man eat.
    Hint 3: I wouldn't want to get between that man and his chow mein!
    Hint 4: Let it go. You did your part. Just walk away.
    All tied up and nowhere to go!
    Hey, my inventory bar is gone!

    Hint 1: That's because the two thugs took your stuff.
    Hint 2: They didn't keep it though, it's all actually in that bag sitting on the fuse box over your head.
    Hint 3: Maybe you can find a way of knocking it down.
    Hint 4: Kick the CORNDOG into the cannon... then duck!
    I have my stuff, but Im still tied up and now I cant see anything!
    Hint 1: Hmm, do you have anything that would cut through these industrial strength ropes?
    Hint 2: Ooops, the industrial strength rope cutters didn't work. Maybe something else could cut those ropes.
    Hint 3: Or burn through them.
    Hint 4: Use the MATCH on the ROPES.
    Oh man.. I think the monster has eaten all the monkeys and destroyed the ancient civilization! Im scared, confused, trapped.
    Hint 1: You need to get rid of that Kraken!
    Hint 2: It seems to be eating everything in it's path!
    Hint 3: Maybe you can feed it something that would really upset his stomach.
    Hint 4: Pick up the BOMB and use it on the KRAKEN

    Kitty's House
    Kitty isnt home, but the door was open. Should I just come back later?
    Hint 1: Nah. Why not snoop around a bit.
    Hint 2: Kitty seems to be one smart cookie!
    Hint 3: If you keep exploring, Cormac and Sills will show their faces and BREAK YOUR GOAT!
    Hint 4: What good is a broken goat?! You may as well give up now.
    Hint 5: But wait, INSPECT the goat pieces... is that a key of some sort?
    Hint 6: But a key to what?
    Hint 7: Well, Kitty did say that her Uncle did keep this goat staturein his OFFICE.
    Hint 8: Head back to the Crime Scene Office.
    Hint 9: Use the KEY with the SAFE.

    Goat Cloning
    I need to get a new goat statue to fool Kitty.
    Hint 1: Hmm... Those goat statues at Mr. Trosser's mansion all looked alike, maybe you can use one of those.
    Hint 2: Uh oh. Looks like his place has been locked up tight! Now what.
    Hint 3: Didn't someone say they could make one, just for you?
    Hint 4: The old man at the Odd Shop can make a goat for you.
    Hint 5: Return to the Odd Shop and talk to the Chinaman.
    Hint 6: How did he know exactly what you wanted? Ancient Chinese secret! Don't ask questions.
    Hint 7: Take your new statue over to Kitty's house.

    I'm being shot at! Im going to die! HELP!!
    Hint 1: Dr. Phil would say "She just needs a hug" .
    Hint 2: But that really isn't a good idea.
    Hint 3: Of course if you do that and show your face you'll soon have a bullet through your forehead!
    Hint 4: Perhaps you can put on a SHOW to get your point across.
    Hint 5: Use the PUPPET 3 times.
    Hint 6: Well, thats it! Kitty goes to jail for her crimes and you completed your job...
    Hint 7: ...except, you ended up arresting your client. I guess that gonna make it real hard to get paid. Oh well, you can always make it up at the poker game!
    Hint 8: Congratulations, you have won!
    Cℓĭck Here to pℓαγ "Tђє First Door"
    tђє мost cђαℓℓєηgĭηg oηℓĭηє qυєst.

    "We don't stop playing games because we grow old,
    we grow old because we stop playing games"

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