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  • Mistery

    36 70.59%
  • Eternal Becky

    31 60.78%
  • OneBun

    28 54.90%
  • VetnernSweetie

    11 21.57%
  • Samustus

    7 13.73%
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Thread: Moderator Voter

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    Moderation notes that some members have voiced concerns about this thread being closed. So we have reopened it. It was closed because it only contains the original mods. We could have removed the poll as well, but we did not think it would be fair to remove the poll completely, because it would be taking away what people said. It's not fair to remove their votes. We will continue to keep the poll closed as the new mods were not in it.

    Lets just say that if perhaps a member would like to create a new thread & a new poll. The moderators could close this one completely & give a redirect link to the new one.... perhaps.
    ...but if not... all can still posts thoughts about their favorite mods even without the poll.
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    Ahh... ok. Until such a thread is posted here are my favourite moderators in no particular order:
    Vortex (aka VetnernSweetie), OneBun, Mistery, Eternal Becky, Adventure, EscapeGirl, lili, ThemePark, jack and Samustus

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    Well I'd have to say in the beginning I loved mistery cause I didn't know the others just yet being a newbie lol but now I love them all everyone is sooo cool here it is just too hard to choose just one
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