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Thread: Kingdom Days Sim Date

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    Default Kingdom Days Sim Date

    Kingdom Days Sim Date is a simulation game for girls of all ages. Your have 30 days to spend and build relationships with up to 5 different characters.

    Kingdom Days Sim Date

    He who fights and runs away can run away another day.

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    I can't figure out how to build up skills

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    @arsussman - go to the witch's shop and buy any1 of the potions to improve skills. i.e. - (potions left to right) pink - charm, blue - wisdom, green - magic. P.S. - I now know how to unlock the coffin (there are actually 5 guys, u'll know this if u've looked carefully at the pic in the beginning) and know all cheatcodes, Out and finished XD
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    I married the king.

    I prefer Lewis.
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    I dated all four boys i broke the blacksmith curse and married the king and then i restarted and married the blacksmith man after than i restarted and i married the guy that have cat ears and tail though his trouser well i married all of them actually i restart and married them all and got the cheat code i still didn't figure out what with the coffin and what i have to do with the coffin in the forest is chain up the coffin but i don't no what to choose between all the four boys

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    Default Please Help!

    Can someone help me in the game called kingdom days sim date? I want to know the cheat code and how to unlock the coffin. thanks!
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    Default How to Open the Coffin

    If you want the cheat codes, I am unsure if I'm allowed to post them but here they are anyway:

    Hope you have fun =]
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