The Stone of Anamara

Originally posted by Dee ~ Got it from another site

The frontdoor is locked so you turn left.

At some point you're in the garden,you see a sandbox(there's a drawing in the sandbox,but i don't really think you need to look at it,the same thing goes for the photo in the bushes)

You see another door with a doormat in fornt of it.You lift the doormat and you find a key to enter.But first you have to turn on the electricity,it's hidden in the leaves on your left side.So click on the leaves and open the electricitybox and then just try clicking on everything a couple of times(i don't know what it is that makes it work)but when you get it right you'll see an image of the house with lights going on and all of a sudden you're inside the house.

Now there's a lot of letters and newspaperinformation around the house,which is usefull to understand the story,the problem is my spanish is so and so,so i can't explain it all,but i'll try to explain the things you need.

If you walk around a bit you'll see a white jacket,click on it and there are some letters there,if you know spanish read them,the most important thing in it,is that it says you have to set the clock a las 7 menos cinco which means 18.55,but not just yet,first browse around,you'll find a letter in front of the door which talks about rituals and elements,but for now i think that's not really that important.

You also see a blue book(again you can read what it says but it's not all that important to complete this first episode).If you open the drawer underneath the book you'll find a key.

You can also click on the painting(a face will change)and on the newspaper on the chair to learn more about the story(but again not really necessary)

To the left of the painting you find a hallway with a couple of doors, the key you found fits the second door,you have to click a little bit to find the light.In this room you can find a plan,and also if you click on the white jacket a couple of times it will fall off and there's a raster you can open.Inside there's a paper which says refugio(don't ask me what that means cause you didn't really need it this episode)

Now we come to the important part, you have to change the clock untill it 's 18.55(just move the hands of the clock)then,something weird happens and you'll see a little girl opening the office for you.So now you enter the office.

You can go into the bathroom first(again i'm not sure if it's necessary),the door to the left of the desk.If you let the water run you'll see the word cocina(kitchen)in the mirror.Then you have to take the bottle of sleepingpills because something is blocking the door and you wouldn't be able to get out otherwise.You can go to the kitchen now if you want but i didn't find anything there.

Back in the study you can check the girls record and a book in the bookcase.

Now you have to turn the radio on and change the channels untill you hear a loud sort of peeping sound,this will break the glass of the photo standing next to it and if you touch the photo you'll find the code for the safe 11 05 3

The safe is underneath the photo of the house next to all the diploma's.You just turn the knob untill you get the number and then wait untill it disappears before you give in the next one.If you do this correctly the safe will open and you 'll find a book about pentagrams in it and a ouijabord in it.If you click on it,it will start moving on its own.The message says estoy arriba(she's upstairs in the attic),so now you can go to the attic and this is where the first part ends.

The rest is posted by Felfreak

For those who DID go into the kitchen: The first thing's that's gonna happen is that our criminal is gonna complain about not having eaten anything for hours and won't let you out. But... soooo bad, everything in the fridge is spoilt.

Go left and there'll be a plate of cold soup. Click on it. Guy says it's disgusting, then a message appears saying "Help Me". Okay, so we aren't gonna eat anything here. Let's check out the main part of the kitchen again. Move towards the window and click on the grey panel.

Dare to look again? At this point, you can get the crank from over the table and drag it to the "hole" under that corn thing. It get's stuck after a while, and that's how far I got with that lift. Now back to the main part of the kitchen...

There's a red tin an a water kessel on the oven. Open the tin and drag it to the kessel. Now you need matches turn around and get the from over the fridge.

Ooooops!! well, not that bad, there are lots of rats in here. Drag a piece of cheese to the bottom left corner and wait.

Turn on the stove, eat the soup with that thing on your right and get outside.

Follow the other walkthrough.
Tip 1: If someone else has problems with the matches... you're trying to hard! stop rubbing, just drag it to the box.
Tip 2: Always read the newspapers and messages left around. those are what make it interesting.