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Thread: Text adventure games - What is needed?

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    are you thinking on the lines of the hobbit?

    its quite easy to achieve with AGS, Wintermute or Lassie if you want online gaming, altho these tend to need a cursor rather than text commands

    total image/text i recommend HTML TADS is very easy to use, its actually what i did my first adventure game with a long time ago! and the longest game i've ever done

    the thing i found with text driven games its so easy to get lost in your own script, its very difficult test a text game, because you have to play the whole thing unlike graphical which you can normally launch yourself in any room quite easily

    i hope you do have a go, i to come from that generation and i enjoyed those games a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThemePark
    I guess, this site is only focused on websites No, I'm talking about the good old textadventure games from back in the late 80's, early 90's I guess, where you had to type in commands, examine rooms, combine objects and such. Adventure games like the Monkey Islands series, but without graphics.

    I'm planning to put lots of logical puzzles into it, mostly in part 3, and some objects, you'll need to combine to progress.
    Ahhh i remember playing those on the old acorn computers when i was at primary school!
    I've been wanting to play one of these for so long but can't find any!

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    I really like these games. I've been looking for some for a while.
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