(for version 3 of the game)

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First of all, notice the numbers on each screen, you'll need them later.

Now look at the upper part of the screen, on the upper most ledge, there's a small blue and yellow object. That's a torch, in order to get it, you'll need to use the black stick, left of the text "where fifteen starts eighteen is three". Now click and drag the black stick so that the end of it touches the torch and the torch will fall down, and then click it.

Now click at the small black patches in the bottom of the screen, right next to the number 20.

If you look at the dumpster closest to you, you'll see a lot of pink and blue garbage, drag that all away. Now you should see something yellow. That's a key, you need that too, so grab it.

Now click on that dumpster, and you'll get a close-up of it. In order to see what's inside, you'll need to drag the inventory box down (like a curtain), and pick the torch. You can see that it's picked because it will have a green circle under it. See that small yellow thing inside? It's a coin and you need that as well.

Now click on the red arrow to remove the close-up. Now choose the key from the inventory and then click on the door on the right side of the screen. It's now unlocked so click it again to go inside.

It's very dark inhere, you'll need to turn on the lights. Use the small circle of light to look at the right of the screen, about 1/3 down from the bottom.

Here you'll see something that needs a coin, so choose the coin in the inventory and click on the patch in the wall.

That takes care of the power, now we just need to turn on the lights. Move the light to the bottom left corner, you should see a small black circle that turns red when you hover over it. Click it and you'll get lights in the room.

Now that the light are on, you should see a rake in the middle of the room, grab it because you will need it in a little while. Now see the door opening, that has a red light above it? Click it and see the small riddle on the window. This refers to the 3 numbers, one in each screen that you should have now. If you don't they were 20, 15 and 18.

Now there's two squares on the wall next to the box where it says type. Do NOT click them, for some people this causes the game to freeze, and the box to constantly move with the mouse no matter how many times you click it. But the text under the long square says "and double it and that's the key.". And the text under the small square says "axbxc".

So multiply the 3 numbers and then multiply the result with 2 and you have the code. Now delete the type and put in the code 10800 and click on the grey square. Click the weapon and then go around the corner just to the left of the square by clicking there.

Now you're back in the alley from before, the second place. As you can see there's a brown square on the ground, and you can't get to the train station because you need a map. So let's get that map.

Choose the rake from the inventory and move your back and forth over the brown square until it has completely faded away. Now click the white square and you've got yourself a map.

Now see that small black patch in the middle of the screen, where the alley leads too? Click it and you'll be in a strange place, looking through the sight of your newly acquired rifle.

At some point you'll start to hear a hissing sound, this is the roomba. It's a whiteish circle like creature, you must shoot it. Once you do, the game is over...congratulations.