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    Tiny Chef is a point and click type adventure game from CafeCafeGames. The art of cooking is a delicate and complex matter. Cooking is not just all about chopping and mixing ingredients in a hot boiling pot; the presentation, style and taste all matters. Point and click around the restaurant to solve different situations and show your customers your skills in culinary arts.

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    Thank you


    Don't know, if it's buggy - but all I tried, he is shaking his head. So I started again and now can't do things I did before.
    For all: you must do all step by step in the right order.

    And if this is the usually way to clean up in spain I'll never will visit a spanish restaurant again )

    Edit: My mistake was, to click the small egg-picture. after that, I couldn't get out the egg from pan.
    There is a walkthrough on eg24
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    what was that? Beam me up, Scotty?
    did egg. Now what is on the floor here? Presume I'm to end up with a cup of coffee.
    - now what?
    progress - but dealing with a fire.
    that "tool" is sreally a tap/faucet.
    done "to be continued. Not a bad game but rather picky about order.
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