Originally written by Eternal Becky

~ Go right
~ Click under the left side of the bed and get a screwdriver. Come out of the screen.
~ Click on the right side of the bed sheet. It will flip.
~ Now click on the right side of the beds right leg and you will have a different look.
~ You will see a CD under the bed sheet. Get that.
~ Come out of the screen.
~ Go right twice. Click on the top most shelf and get the pliers.
~ Come out of the screen.
~ There is a vent on the right side of the screen. Click it and use the screwdriver on the vent screw. Click on the vent to see the yellow lights.
~ Turn off the lights of the room.
~ Turn them on again.
~ Now go back to the vent and get the key.
~ Come out of the screen and use the key on the red box that is beside the computer.
~ Get the microphone.
~ Come out of the screen.
~ Face the screen in a way so that you will see part of bed and part of the shelf and the safe on the wall which has a picture of a DOG. Now click near the front right leg of the shelf and get the single digit number which is in a circle.
~ Note that the numbers changes with every game.
~ Play the CD you have in your inventory in the CD player. You need to play the music a few times(I have noticed you need to play it 5 times).
~ After a few plays the code will appear where Track1-INORI is written.
~ The code will be for example. Thx for play G4.
~ The animal in the picture is a DOG
D= Have you seen the clue behind the headboard. It says D=H+I It has something to do with the time that is on the headboard. I really didn't get this part so I just guessed the first digit.
O= The number in the circle which you found near the leg of the shelf.
G= The number you got from the CD player. Forget the G you see on the player. You just need the digit after G.
~ Click on the safe. Punch in the three numbers in order DOG click the arrow. The safe will open and you will get a cutter.
~ Use the cutter on the lower part of the red box(the box where you got the Microphone) to cut it open and get a chip.
~ Click on the mouse.
~ When you have a closer look you will notice a place to insert something on the right side of the computer. Insert the chip inside it.
~ Click on the computer screen.
~ Click on the chip icon on the desktop then the topmost world icon.
~ Keep clicking the topmost icon until you see some letters on the yellow dots its says "PUSH 7 KEY"
So press the 7 key of your keyboard.
~ You will see a message "The container has changed."
~ Go back to the safe. This time you will see an "Anubis" which is an egyptian god. Rearrange DOG and you will get GOD. So rearrange your numbers too in the order GOD and then click the arrow. The safe will open and you will get a flashlight.
~ Place the flashlight on the microphone stand and turn off the lights.
~ Enjoy the end.