Eternity Mystery

Originally written by Eternal Becky

~ Click on the "Start" which is under "To Castle" to start the game.
~ The game starts in front of a castle.
~ Click on the red arrow to change the view.
~ You will face a closed iron gate. Click on the machine which opens the gate.
~ In order to open this gate get the lever which is at far right bottom corner of the screen.
~ The lever will attach and click the level twice to draw up the gate.
~ Enter the gate.
At the gate ~ Click on top of the earthern pot and get the dagger.
~ Move left. Then move right.
~ You need to be a quick here.
~ Click the wooden log to open the door. As soon as the door is opened a creature will be coming towards you. You need to kill the creature with the dagger.
~ Once the creature is killed, press "Z" to deselect the dagger.
~ Get the rope
~ Go through the door. Turn right and you will find that the door is locked.
~ Come back to the courtyard at the place from where you got the dagger.
~ Look above.
~ Click on the rope in your inventory. With the arrow keys of your keyboard you need to aim the crossbow to the window. Press space to shoot the rope.
~ Climb the rope. Press "Z" to deselect the crossbow.
Note ~ To deselect an item press "Z"
For action press "space bar"
~ Walk down the spiral stairs to face another locked iron gate.
~ Open the gate with the lever in your inventory in the same way you opened the first gate.
~ Now you will enter "GODDESS OF CORRIDOR"
~ You will face the huge statue.
~ Click on the second arrow from right. Collect the two keys, EAT KEY and MONEY KEY from the bowls that are around the statues feet.
~ Face the statue again. Now click on the second arrow from left.
~ Whatever you do DO NOT CLICK the door that is opposite the huge statue. Clicking that will unleash a devil and if you don't react fast you will be killed.
~ Go to the left side of the hallway by clicking the left arrow.
~ Face the locked door and use the "MONEY KEY" on the door by dragging the key to the padlock. Go inside.
~ Click on the wooden stick and drag it to the wood and keep clicking it a few times to start a fire.
~ Drag the fire to the candle stand which is by the hearth.
~ Click on the left chest and get the golden coins bag.
~ A spirit will be approacing behind you. You have to be quick here and kill it with the dagger.
~ Face the chest on the right. Click on the arrow to go behind the chest. Click on the keyhole to open the chest. Get the "Medical book".
~ Go back twice and now you will face a white spirit. Do not attack this spirit. Give the medical book to this spirit and in return get a diamond tear drop "TearRo"that will fall on the ground.
~ Exit this room.
~ Click on left arrow. You will face the statue again. Now click on the left arrow twice to face another locked door.
~ Use the "EAT KEY" to open this door. Go inside.
~ Approach the dinner table. Get the slab of meat which is on the platter.
~ You will see a little part of the facial structure at upper left corner.
~ Click it. Get the water jug which is behind the face.
~ Turn back and face the empty dish on the table. Pour the water of the jug into the dish and get the "APPLE KEY"
~ Exit this room.
~ Click left arrow three times until you reach another locked door.
~ Use the "Apple key" to open this door.
~ Once you are inside get the spear which is on the ground.
~ In your inventory click the arrow on the box of the crossbow to change your weapon.
~ Aim the snake and kill it.
~ Get the Saint Book.
~ Exit this room.
~ In the "Goddess of corridor", face the statue again.
~ Click on the rightmost arrow to look at the beam. Aim your crossbow by clicking the rope and shoot the beam. Once the rope is attached to the beam climb up by clicking the rope twice.
~ Click the diamond in your inventory and drag it to the empty dish of the statues left hand.
~ Come down and face the statue again.
~ Click on the leftmost arrow. Do the same again and place the "Saint book" in the empty dish of the statues left hand.
~ Climb down.
~ Look at the bowls at the statues feet and get the "Trust key".
~ Turn around and face the door opposite of the statue and use the "Trust key" on the door to open it.