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Thread: Creating a Website

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    If you want a free website, you could for example make one at
    It's not difficult, you can choose a template, and you find some tutorials on YouTube if something is not clear

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    Exclamation Stop what your doing on clicking the sites.

    Get a program to make websites, do not go to websites like

    They maybe harmless, but once you make it, you'll be swarmed with Trojan Ads on your site on that site.

    The last time i went to my website, i saw an ad. I was done checking and decided to leave, but get this: It Wouldnt Close! I tried again and again but nothing. That ad was attacking me already. So i turned off my computer.

    Now im getting worms, Trojans and bugs because of this. and my site, everywhere, is infected as well. And yes, my E-Mail was even being attacked by spaming E-mail addresses i dont even know that know EVERYTHING about me. even my name. and i dont even know them.

    So pretty much get a program, dont use the sites.

    Go download Web Easy Professional 7. Its safe and its quite easy to use (and yes, its free). I use it. Im fine there.
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    I recently made a riddle using Webs, and I didn't experienced any issues.
    I actually only can praise webs. It's very user friendly, and it gives you plenty possibilties to change the template to your own prefrence.

    The only thing that really annoyed me was that with some templates the add was placed on the right side, and it messed up my layout (the add was larger than the sidebar).
    Also you can't upload pictures that uses any other glyphs than letters or numbers, and letters with a diacritic mark couldn't be uploaded either.
    And well the amount of total pages you can have for one account is only twenty. But is not a problem to create several accounts using the same email.

    As far for the ads, I didn't like that one of the ads was for a certain MMORPG game that is considered doubtful by many (doubtful, not harmful). However if the ad would be clicked it shouldn't give issues. And of course I don't like that the "lady" in the ad is merely used as ad to attract male players. I've heard she isn't even part of the game.

    I don't want to say you didn't got malware by clicking an ad from webs, but in theory any ad can get corrupted, and even the most honorable site can get malware without the knowledge of the owners (also GH). No site is safe for those evil ones who want to spread malmare.

    Generally I just want to say: never click ads!
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