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    Default PowaBlox


    I coded a free online puzzle-game, and it's now available

    It's a "Columns"-like game (if you don't know Columns, it's a puzzle game from Sega, back in the 90s).

    Here's the official link:
    (it's a french name with a deliberate (fun) syntax error, which could be translated like this "").

    On the website, few links are not active yet, but the most useful ones are!

    Play PowaBlox


    Here are the (easy) rules :

    1) you have to align 3 (or more) blocks with the same color or number.
    Aligned blocks are removed from the game, and they will give you points (please see the "Points per (removed) Blox" score, at the bottom of the game area).
    => so just align 3-or-more similar blocks: that's this easy!

    2) in order to make cool scores, simply perform efficient block alignments in order to remove ALL!!! the blocks which are above the horizontal white line (see the game area). Doing this will perform a "level-up" for your global score!

    That's it! You know all the game instructions! It's dead easy!

    To make it short: quickly combine 1) and 2) (focus on the the red parts) and you'll make high scores! It's pretty challenging, and that's cool because there's an online leaderboard!!!!

    You can try the game as a guest, and if the game entertains you, then you can register your username (quick & free process!) in order to save your stats, and show your scores to all the other players on Earth!!!

    So who will be the best in the world?

    Feel free to tell your friends about the game, because the more challengers there are, the best the game is!

    Good luck, enjoy the game, and have fun !


    note 1: actually, each time you fully clean what's above the horizontal white line, you gain 7 seconds of extra-time + you gain 5 more blocks to play with + your "Points per (removed) Blox" score rises (and, of course, so does your global score! 8) ). They are perfect bonuses for making high scores!

    note 2: play the game with the mouse & press the spacebar to pause/unpause the game

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    just a little bump, for puzzle-game lovers

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    just a lil' bump, since the high score has recently risen from 1.2M to 1.4M!!!

    566 hours of game have been played up to now!
    The game is 100% free.
    If you like the game, you can freely register your username, in order to enter the online leaderboard and show your scores to the world!

    I want to make a better high score !
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    just a suggestion: there is nothing to put the game in standby!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moquimo View Post
    just a suggestion: there is nothing to put the game in standby!!
    Hi moquimo,

    thank you for your message
    Actually, the game can be paused/unpaused using the spacebar.

    But, players should pause the game only before dropping a block because, otherwise (ie: when a block is falling, or when blocks are removed from the game), it may cause a bug (empty block) that I didn't fix yet...

    To make it short, only pause the game before dropping a block! (I have to fix the "pause" bug!)

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    Default pause

    Tks for reply!
    Now I use pause !
    But today, I used it maybe too much, and the game did not start again...The following block did not go down.....I tried many times successless!

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    Just a short message to announce that I released a new version of the game (fix: no more "pause" bug)
    Thank you for playing, and I hope you enjoy the game
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    just a week-end bump for players who want to try a new game
    (see top of the thread for complete info about the game)

    I hope you'll enjoy the game!

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    And for those who don't know PowaBlox (reflexion game) yet, here's the link
    Enjoy the game!
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