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Thread: Rainbow Entertainment (Macedonia)

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    Default Rainbow Entertainment (Macedonia)

    Game maker group called Rainbow Entertainment is working rapidly in Macedonia creating point and click adventure games.

    Latest release:

    Lady Goldsleeves

    Horror adventure game with a nice lady that can scare you to death if you don't watch out...

    Official site:

    Hope that you'll like our games...


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    Link isn't directing me to a game and once I've finally found it, it turns out it is a downloadable game..
    From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me

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    The new comedy game is ready! You can download it from the official site NOW!

    Hope you'll like it!

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    Downloaded the game recently and enjoyed playing it. Thanks for the stuff.. Keep posting.

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    Yes the games are interesting and the technique is also new. I would definitely like to have more of it.

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