Pick 4 out of 6 item's to help a bird get to the nest.This is made for those who are stuck(I can hardly see that) not for cheaters.Here:

3)Rope(Fourth.I think)

How to complete:

1)On the first level select the rope.You will swing it and it would grab a branch from the tree and you will be Indiana Jones.But you still corsed it.Cleard.

2)Now on Level 2 there would be a tree and a river.The axe should be usd here because it will cut down the tree ad the tree will fall on the river.One end of the tree being on your side of the river and the other end being on the other part.It will make a bridge so you can cross it.Easy.Cleared

3)Now level 3 realy gaved me a problem to find the corect one.But i found it.Select the boot's with the string's.They will help you jump over the hing that block's the path.Cleared.

4)It's a big ditance betwen you and the birds so you should use the umbrela for a smoth landing.This one is relativly easy.

PS:At the first you can also use the bot's but i don't suggest that.If you use them you wont be able to do the 3 mision