This is more like hint's and tip's then a walktrought but the ones having problem's with the henchman and penguin.Alright here we go:

Batwomman has been captured by Penguin and Batman play's the knight-in-shinny-armor role in this one.Defeat Penguin's henchem then defeat Pinguin himself to save batwoman

1)When facing the henchemn with gun's just dodge until the beamis depleatet and then atack.Be carefull the beam can hit you 2 time's.

2)At the ones with bat's be sure to atack quicly or youl lose health from theyr atack's.They atack very fast.

3)When both type of henchmen(bat's and gun's) apear kill the one with the gun first.The one with the bat moves slowly and dosent represent's a treath

4)To beat pinguin you have to first dodge to avoid his bullet's.When your near to him wait for him to shoot first(first dodge duh) then get on your feet and atack him 3 time's and dodge again.After 3-4 atack's he will go up a level of the building so you should go to.When he reached the last level he will go again to the first level.Fight him like you did until now and you should kill him easely.

5)When your done youl see a cutscene of batman and batwoman.Bat man ask BW(Bat woman) who is she and why is she doing this and grab's her left hand.BW pushes back BM(Bat man) and atack's him with a serie's of kick's but BM defend's all of them until one hit him in the cheff.BW backjump's on to the builing's corner(theyr on a rooftop) and say's:"Figure it out yourself,your the detective."After BW finsih talking she jump's of the building rooftop and game ends.