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1. On the first screen collect the axe and the plant
2. Go into the hut and collect the school uniform, the water can and the tin from the sack.
3. Go back outside and drag the water can onto the little boy to give him a bath. He then disappears to go with his dog which allows you to pass on one of the other screens.
4. Go to the right and using the pickaxe, plough your garden.
5. After ploughing, collect the bucket and the wood.
6. Go to the right and collect the rope, you'll see the boy with the dog here.
7. You can move to the right again.
8. Use the rope to tie up the donkey. This allows you to move in that direction then.
9. Don't move just yet though. Get the blue mug and give it to the old lady.
10. Go back inside your hut and drag the wood into the oven.
11. Drag thr water to your moms bowl and then the tin can. She'll then cook a bread which you can click and eat.
12. Go back outide and then take the route north past the old lady's house.
13. Collect the shoe from the side of the road and then continue to the right.
14. Go past the old men to the right again.
15. Collect the sheet of iron and the other shoe (which is underneath the iron)
16. Go back left and then take the first route south left to the water tap.
17. You can only access this location if you have the shoes to stand on the rocky ground.
18. Collect the ribbons, the pipe and the walking stick.
19. Turn the tap on and then fill up the water can.
20. Go back to the old men and give one the walking stick, he'll give you a rattle in return.
21. Take the second route south right to where picking up wood is forbidden.
22. Go right twice to where the hyena is attacking the lady. Use the rattle to scare off the hyena. The old lady will give you a bag of seeds.
23. In the same scene, pick up all the pieces of wood until you can pick up the whole bundle.
24. Go back to the scene with the lady on the road and give her the bundle of sticks. She'll give you the other sack.
25. Go back to the old lady's house with the broken roof and use the iron to mend it.
26. Go back to the front of your house and put the plant in the red can then go to your garden and plant the seeds. Use the water to water them. They will grow a little but not all the way.
27. Go back to the hut and fill your moms bowl with the water and the sack of flour. She'll bake another bread.
28. Give the bread to your brother sitting on the stool and he'll give you some bands.
29. Go back to the scene with the two boys watching football.
30. Give them the ribbons and the bands so they can make a football. You can then pass further on to the right.
31. At the crossroads pick up the leaves and the grass.
32. Go to the north and then through the scary wood to the school.
33. You can only go in the school if you have the uniform. Collect the tripod outside the school first.
34. After the teacher has given you the lesson you can pick up the bracelet from the desk.
35. Pull down the screen to give you a clue to what you need to do. If you re-enter the school you can pick up a drawing of this plan.
36. Go back through the scary wood to the crossroads and go right.
37. Give the grass to the ox, and collect the manure he leaves in return!
38. Go right again. Give the bracelet to the tourist who'll give you some money in return.
39. Go right to the market. Give the stall holder the money and he'll give you some melon seeds.
40. Go back to the water tap and fill up the can.
41. Go all the way back to the hut.
42. Give you mom the leaves to make medicine tea for your ill brother. You'll then get a knife.
43. Go to your garden. Place the melon seeds and the manure on the garden.
44. Assemble the tripod, the bucket and the hose together.
45. Use the knife to put some holes in the hose.
46. Empty the water can into the bucket and the garden will bloom!