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Thread: Can you translate this?

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    Mistery has so far made the closest translation

    STILL struddling

    PURPLE HELL is back and burning!! See you there!

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    Lilli - This looks like Mistery's but it is different if you read it

    I stood at dörrn, I had borrowed the tail,
    it was for long, for at, for high in the back of the head, across skjortveck, rigid and starched and browned in the wash, stack well-kept of against white halsrosetten,
    a button was out, the shoe heel unite lopsided,
    my soul in olag, my mood from evil.

    (The translator missed a few words )

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    Okay, here are some hints:
    dörrn= the door
    Skjortveck= shirt crease
    Halsrosetten= bow tie
    olag= upset, uproar
    sned= slanting, sloping

    STILL struddling

    PURPLE HELL is back and burning!! See you there!

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    Australia but thats all you need to know.


    I stood at the door, I had borrowed evening dress
    it was too long, too wide, too high in the neck,
    my shirt crease, rigid and strong, and browned in the laundry,
    stack neatly against white neck Rosetta,
    a button was gone, one heel oblique,
    my soul out of order, my mood from the point.

    Is this it?

    Weird thing is its just like Mistery's except different.
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