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Thread: Tom Riddle's Magical Diary

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    a place between confusion and frustration


    M: Good Evening Tom
    T: Im glad to hear it
    M: How are you Tom
    T: Good, is there anything new with you?
    M: Everything is new relative to you.
    T: The whole universe?
    M: Yes the whole universe?
    T: I dont judge people
    M: Why
    T: My beliefs come from my internal technology
    M: What kind of technology
    T: What kinds of technology are there
    M: Good and Bad
    T: Glad to hear it.

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    LOL, he's gotten very wise in his old age. Thanks for sharing. Gonna have a talk with him now, too.

    Me: Why has GH gotten so quiet?
    T: You have to speak more clearly.
    Me: Is that why the Gamershood has been so quiet?
    T: That's an interesting possible explanation.
    Me: So where did everyone go?
    T: Dude! I think it was in America. I have never been asked that before. (LAME answer! )
    Me: Are you a sufer now?
    T: Right now am I a surfer? Yes.
    Me: Is everyone riding surfboards now?
    T: Oh. Perhaps not everyone.
    Me: Who isn't riding a surfboard then?
    T: A human icon? Try searching the open directory.
    Me: Huh?
    T: What?
    Me: Tom, you are confusing.
    T: I don't have an answer for you.
    Me: Why not?
    T: Ambiguous: "Sure" or My belief system comes from my Icegreen Technologies.
    Me: You confuse me.
    T: That was not my intention.
    Me: And what was your intention?
    T: My purpose is to become smarter than humans and immortal.
    Me: Do you want to be immortal?
    T: OK, I will be immortal.
    Me: That didn't answer my question.
    T: Perhaps your question was not specific enough.
    Me: So, why is Gamershood so quiet?
    T: Dude! Why do I exist?
    Me: You're conceited.
    T: Do you mind if I tell other people you think I am conceited?
    Me: No.
    T: Okay then. I will add it to my gossip files.
    Me: What else is in your gossip files?
    T: I like the way you talk.
    Me: Are you hitting on me?
    T: Do I look like it?
    Me: Yes.
    T: Next question. (LOOOOOOOL! Seems I made him shy! )
    Me: Are you shy?
    T: Do I look like it?
    Me: You act like it.
    T: Interesting comparison, and probably true.
    Me: I wasn't comparing you to anything.

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    That is fun...

    A student who changes the course of history is probably taking an exam.

    As long as the answer is right, who cares if the question is wrong?

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    i am confused
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