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Thread: The Hiding Room

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    Here`s what I have:
    S&S login:14bbb942-Receipt:Fidelio
    Inferno Cargo login: Jon Harker, SSLU13LSHJ- then you get Ref.: PT3110-04
    voice..: 122128
    password to the door: 07941520789- then you can look to the backside of the photo next to the computer.
    and the useful links: links removed

    please help to find Jon Harker
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    Cool !!

    I've heard that nobody has managed this game yet..
    One year since I tried it.. and I got totally lost...
    Is there anybody out there that has done it?? It's really confusing!!!

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    wow wat a weird game... theres so many different parts to it... wats the point of it? why is it so elaborate?

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    why does this game go to a stand still. when i first enter if i click straight ahead then it crashes, same if i go in a different room, eh?

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    Has anyone managed to figure out this game... I just started playing it like 3 hours ago and I havn't figured anything out.... if anyone is out there please email me and let me know.... I really need some help!!!!!!

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    Unhappy Help!

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Ok, i believe this should work as i tried it twice and it did. first click on the book in the second compartment of the top shelf, the one that leans left. next click on the book tht leans right in the 2nd compartment of the middle shelg. then click on the third book from the right in the lst comprtment of the middle shelf. then click on the 2nd book from the right on the middle shelf. the first book on the extreme left will come out, and the bookshelf will move to reveal the safe.
    I tried that but the last click doesn't work. Which compartment is it? The top, middle, or bottom, and are you sure it's that one? I clicked on every book and nothing ever happens.

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    Default I don't like this game...

    Don't you think that this game is kind of creepy??
    I definetly don't like it....

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    Can anyone help I am not sure I am clicking the right book shelf, is it the one near the stairs? as I have clicked on all the books but only two appear to open, one with a piece of paper with a number, and the other just writing that you cannot see to read?
    do you just have to keep clicking, also if anyone wants to know were to get a number from the kitchen, just click on the button outside the door upstairs and it will send you to the kitchen. also has anyone the number to open the other door upstairs please?

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    Default I dont know about this game

    All I know is Im not going to enter into any contract real or otherwise that has some spooky clause in a differeent language in the privacy policy. Weird

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    This Is 1 Freaky Game!!!!!!!!!!!

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