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    Like in the real world, also in the game there are wars and alliances between diffrent countries. More citizens a coutry has - more powerfull it becomes.

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    Of course not only quanity matters.


    The game goes by daily tasks.

    Step 1 - training
    Click on "My Places" --> "Train" --> "Train".
    You are gaining 20 strength and 3 xp points.
    Higher strength = higher damage in battles!

    Step 2 - work
    You have to find a job first. Click on "Market" --> "Job Market".
    Select your country and your economy skill (1).
    Click on "apply" next to interesting you offer.
    Congratulations! You have found a job!

    Now click on "My places" --> "Work" --> "Work".
    You are gaining 5 xp points.
    For working you are also getting salary. More cash you have = better weapons and other items you can buy.

    Step 3 - avatar
    Click on your nick --> "edit profile" --> chose avatar --> "edit citizen"
    For uploading avatar you are gaining 2 xp (only once).

    Step 4 - fight
    Click on "Country" --> "Battles".
    Find a battle where your country is fighting. If your country is not fighting at this moment -> go and fight for your country allies.

    On start you have 100 HP. With a 1 hit during a battle you lose 10 HP.
    By day change you are reciving back 50 HP.

    After training, working, uploading avatar and fighting 10 times you should get level 2.

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    1 - work (do everyday)
    2 - training (do everyday)
    3 - battles (fight everyday)
    4 - market (you can find a job here and buy items)

    In the game you can become a president of your country, a congressman, redactor, businessman. You can create your own companies, military units, newspapers and more.

    The game has a lot of more options, I just listed the simplest.
    More advanced options you will discover by yourself when you will gain more experience.
    The most important (and difficult) thing in this game is strategy. Both for countries and single players.

    Tutorial on official wiki


    Full map:

    Current battles:

    Country statistics:

    Join the game and help your country to rule the world!!
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