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Thread: Godspeed,Neil Armstrong

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    Default Godspeed,Neil Armstrong

    The first man to walk on the Moon:

    Neil Armstrong has died

    My father was Maintenance Supervisor/Telecommunications for the MSFN & Deep Space Tracking Stations in Madrid,Spain during the Apollo Project,he talked to the Apollo 11 astronauts during the mission.

    I was 13 when it happened,tryin' to stay awake at 4 am to watch it on crappy Spanish TV.

    Godspeed*,Neil Armstrong.

    *a traditional salute to pilots

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    A true hero. R.I.P

    Very cool about your dad talking to the Apollo 11 astronauts though.

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    Default GodspeedNeil Armstrong

    Much respect for this hero. To be one of the guys to set foot on another world is truely a magnificent feat, to be the first is extra special. RIP Neil Armstrong. You did us proud.

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