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Thread: Need help with choosing a multi-screen monitor set up!

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    Default Need help with choosing a multi-screen monitor set up!


    I'm looking for a multi-monitor PC set up, ideally with 4-6 screen
    capabilities. I have been digging around on the net and have found four
    companies that provide what I am looking for:

    DigitalEGA - They provide four base model PC's with a
    wide variety of upgrades available that can power anywhere from 2-14 monitor
    set-ups. They also sell monitor configurations separately and offer a number
    of value combo's (PC and Monitors).

    Multiple Monitors - These guys sell a decent
    selection of monitors and PC's but their PC's seem a bit dated, Intel i3
    processors etc.

    Digital Tigers - Well established company with an
    extensive range of monitors and PC configurations, I found them to be a
    little pricey, especially as I would have to have paid a lot in shipping and
    import duty.

    Quad Vision - They seems more for large corporations
    but do offer workstations and monitor configurations, although there site
    does not seem to have e-commerce or pricing available.

    Has anyone else got any other suggestions on other sites? Or things i would need to search for when looking for the best setup possible.
    I am in the UK so ideally I would like free or cheap shipping
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