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Thread: Discussion: Why do you come on Gamershood?

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    Nice thread!
    Well...where to start...I realy don't know but I never registered b4 on any specific game forum,I thought it's just Time Wasting but when I joined GamersHood I dunno I had to register and it realy ROCKS so compliments again...Bye
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    Ummmmmm so that i can play games???

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    to play games and for the forums!!!!
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    I rarely join forums unless they are specific to my interests, i make games (ok i try to!) but as a rule i don't pimp my work, i just sit back and hope someone will find em and like them. i personally only posted the game on 3 or 4 game creators forums

    through sheer luck i guess, someone (can't remember who) found the game and posted a link, within 2 days totally wiped out my bandwdth lol

    whether people actually like the game i dunno, but it was quite flattering the amount of interest it recieved

    on arriving here i found there is lots of like minded people so decided to stick around

    great site guys

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    Talking Hmm

    I was surfing the internet and sort of came across gamershood. I am glad I did! I love gamershood. Its the 1st thing i check when I gett one my PC. THEN my email. Gamershood is the best site I seen by far! Love it, love it , Love it!

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    I remember because first time to play riddle game..
    "another riddle" something called that..
    stuck on the level ..then google hope to find out solution last found out gamerhood forum

    met many friends here
    GACKT is the best
    I love GACKT

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    I used to play escape-room-games, so my cousin told me about gamershood. I got member just to get help and help other people with the games.
    And it's only two days or so since I discovered the forum
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    I started after playing the crimson room and viridian room games..although i didnt realise that there were such things as forums to help me solve the hard games. I beat those two completely by my self..but they got me interested in escape the room games and thats when i found more games and forums..when the third room, the blue room, came out I was getting use to cheating and found this site for help! after that i came here for more wasnt till resently that i discovered the forum games but ever since i find that it is a huge addiction! I always wanna come back. by now i have played most of the games but the forum games are always changing so i can keep playing them. Thanks you to the creators of this site and everyone else involved!
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    I came here... because... i needed some light in my life of sorrow and monotone. i had never actually been part of any other online forum. i was very deppressed after my brutha moved to Wyoming. i found gamershood and saw the forum, and if found beings that might be as Crazy as me. And so, ever since i joined, I've always hated leaving.
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    Thumbs up How Did you find Gamershood

    Ok Can i please ask a mod to make this a sticky, because i think it could be a really great thread

    This thread is all about what made you join Gamershood, How you found the GH planet and What have you gained from Gamershood.

    So I will share my story.

    Before Gamershood I was a Human I walked the streets alone at night to find my true path. Then i saw a flashing lampost and all of a sudden out of nowhere came a robotic suit, i strolled over to it and touched it and it magically came onto my body, I was now a robot So i didnt fit in with all of the other humans so i came to gamershood, where i found people like me .

    From gamershood, I have gained friends and a whole new life.
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