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Thread: Music that touches your soul

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    Default Il Divo : Amazing Grace

    Superb quality for YouTube, sounds great even on computer. Wonderful arrangement.

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    Just for the record, i'm a big fan of that band - il Divo.

    Just to soften things a bit from this latest worries we have worldwide, i have a music that i have been listening to it over and over again that fits perfectly well to the title of this thread - a music that touches your soul.
    this is a version of a fado from one of our most famous fado singer -Amália Rodrigues. And this was like a tribute to her.
    It's played in a different tune, i mean not as a fado but as a pop song, and the singer is a portuguese girl with a wonderful voice.
    Quite amazing. Here is the link:

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    the song that makes me feel like nothing else can is Talk by Coldplay. When i listen to that song, i feel amazing. Its basically indescribable
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    Music that touches my soul..."Happy" by Tracy Chapman. I don't know what's the secret but every time I hear it i start crying and become so sensitive! This woman is a genius.

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    No doubt music is the diet of soul. I also listen my favorite music which help me to skip boring and take excited me.

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    There have been a few songs that really touch my soul. I want to share here

    When You Were Young" by The Killers

    Only Time" by Enya reminds

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    Music helps me enjoy life and positive thinking to overcome difficulties in life

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