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Thread: Why doesn't my new posted thread appear?

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    If you read the Rules:
    you will see that new threads need to be approved by moderation in many parts of this forums before they show up This can take some time.

    And your post has been moved to the appropriate thread:

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    Well look at the bottom right of the thread of this forum. theres something called Posting Rules. if you want to post a new thread, post on a thread, edit your post and put in attachments, you must first confirm you email by clicking on the link in the email that you have received from GamersHood Forums when you registered.

    For the not appering one Administrators and Mods must confirm the thread BEFORE its putted in. they will PM you with questions or something else if theres something you did wrong or forgot to put in. when all troubles are ticked off then your thread will be on.

    if i said something wrong or something then please tell me or mods edit it.
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    Default Poblem with threads NOT GAMES!

    Me too I have this problem! I post a eply o a thread and it never appear! Plz do not reply again "have you posted in the new games section?" If I post q reply to a specific topic it must appear there, not in new games! It seem they don't understand, my English isn't so good, but neither so bad. And for whst i read I understand perfectly that they are talking of threads not games. My actual case will make it clear: I want to post a reply about the game King Island so I click the button there. And yes I am fully registered. Why you ignore the threads people registered regularly try to post? It sound crazy to me! Or that is old and is closed? But if is a read only why to put the reply button yhen? Iss frustrating!

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    Hi UBA,
    Yes, you are fully registered, I just checked.
    And just as you have replied to this thread, you should also be able to post to other threads aswell, like Kings Island (
    I'm not sure why it didn't work for you to post a reply there. I just tried and I could post a reply there (already deleted it).
    Can you try again, and let us know if it doesn't work?

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    And if it doesn't work, please let us know if you get any error message, and what kind.
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