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Thread: Human Sheep!!!

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    Its not really that bad...they just take a sheep heart (which is close to the human heart)..get rid of the sheep cells and add human cells then replace it in a human body. Ya its the heart from a sheep but it will be more human than sheep when they are done.
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    Genetically Engineering can also cause other debilitating illnesses we don't know about yet. Heck, GE food has been known to cause kidney fairlure(in some).

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    Actually, I think there are sheep that are out there that are more human then some humans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitman View Post
    I think I've heard somewhere about the ears growing on rats but that was a long time ago.
    thats an old technique where they geneticall grow ear s on furless rats.
    but thats amazing with the sheep and hopefully create better transplant organs

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