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Thread: Who are you? (aka The Real You)

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    My name is Brittnay (yes, that is how it is actually spelled), i am fourteen, my birthday in January 14th, 1994. i LOVE computers, how they work, what they can do, etc. and absolutely cannot get enough of writing. i have two sisters, 20 and 21. my mom and dad are split, and i live in California while my dad lives in Kansas. i have a whole of about two real friends, as well as like four fake ones that pretend like they like me. i'm going to say right now that i'm an atheist, but please don't give me a God preach. i have nothing against God and as you can see i'm respectful enough to those on here who love God to capitalize His name. i have short brown hair, but my natural hair color is blonde. my eyes are sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes grey, or a mixture of the three. i am about five feet five inches (or 165 cm) tall. i weigh about 116 pounds (or 52 kg). i wear a lot of black, along with thick eyeliner. i have the emo look, i should say. i dispise tight pants. they look too uncomfortable for my tastes. my absolute favorite food is Port of Subs (local sub shop). i have my lip peirced because i adore lip peircings. i also adore tattoos because i want some someday.

    yeah. and here's a pic:

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    i also consider myself an atheist but that also means you don't believe in the devil or the supernatural but i kinda believe in ghosts just not God. but i don't discriminate people because of their religions.
    i was born on the 6th of January 1994 and i was supposed to be born on Christmas Day but came later. i have green eyes but when i was younger they were blue. i'm five foot (1m 50cm) and i hate it i hve blonde hair and have about 6 really good friends along with a few others i hang out with at lunch times

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    Well, gee, where ta start? I'm a Floridian, Broward County specifically, and I like Jones Soda. Gator fan, good writer, you name it. I like sentence mixing videos, like youtube poop. There's a lot more, but I don't want to give that kind of stuff away right now.

    Soda Beverage of the Looney Bin

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    hmm i think i told the rest of me but to Chocobubbles and lovely no one is going to hate you because of religon at GH
    I am and will always be a timetraveler

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    Exclamation I was born this way!

    OK i have decided to create a thread about people who want to tell the world about whether they are perfect or not . I'll start off by saying i am not perfect, but im proud of who i am. Here is a little bit about myself.

    My name is Paul, i have medium length hair that is in fact going grey, this was caused by a pass down from my father's side. I like dance and techno/trance style music, but unfortunately i don't like it too loud.

    I am currently working towards a professional retail career, but that's not going too swell either.
    I like reading, drawing silly pictures, and playing football with my friend's.

    I mostly read Horror's and Comic books, I draw silly pictures because i have the world's biggest imagination and i play football because it makes me feel good.

    Now... is there anyone else who would like to share to the world that they are perfect in there own way?
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    Hey,I'm perfect!

    My wife disagrees with my assessment,however

    I'm Fred or Freddie (Frantic Freddie is my RL nickname among my fellow musicians),I'm 55 & have been married to my wife the RPh (pharmacist) 32 years this coming June,we have no children,by choice. After 16 years I have decided to let my real estate broker license expire due to the lack of business these days.So I've returned to my former profession,musician,I've played drums for a little over 40 years.Not that I ever really quit playing,but now I'm in an original band & we're trying to get known.I play a set of vintage Ludwigs that I've molested so much that it's not worth anything anymore ,but I also have another Ludwig set that is very rare & valuable.Also a set of Pearls that I keep at our practice studio.

    I like camping,fishing & I do a little hunting,mostly birds.I'm a member of the Single Action Shooting Society,I live only a couple of miles north of their main facility in New Mexico.
    We love a good road trip,load up the Jeep with stuff & head out for unknown places: ghost towns,ruins,etc...on & off road.

    Speaking of my state,my great-grandfather knew & did business with Pat Garrett & I'm somewhat of a Billy the Kid buff,I've been to Billy's grave & Lincoln numerous times.

    These days I've been taking care of my 74 year old mother,after our stepdad passed I bought her a small house to live in that's only 250 yards away from my house.

    I'm one of the dreaded "gingers" (when did that become the default name for redheads?) & it's slowly getting lighter/grayer,but I still have all of it.Yes,the carpets match the drapes

    We have 1 dog,down from 3 dogs (they all died,old age) & 3 cats (they were all eaten by the owl).

    We like to entertain at our house,I'm a pretty good cook,Mexican being my specialty (my brother the actual chef likes my cooking ).Every summer we have a big party with live music (provided by yours truly & numerous friends),food & lots of adult beverages. We're fun people

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