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Thread: The Genius Test

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    Almost Genius Number here is what I know

    The answer is for number 10 on Almost Genius
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    Thank you, this is good news for new visitors.

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    YEAH! I'm a Genius! (With a LOT of help!!)

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    huhh someone help me in the quest about the country.I try to typ SPAIN,spain,Spain but all wrong ((

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    I replayed and

    and welcome to Gamershood....

    A student who changes the course of history is probably taking an exam.

    As long as the answer is right, who cares if the question is wrong?

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    Yeh i found all the answer and their reason .Who need help can add my yahoo ID nh0ck_g411a3

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    At the 'Average' stage - I wonder if spelling is next, as I see they couldn't spell acheive....."achcive?"

    At "Almost Smart" stage - Gee; was that 'S' or 'S'...another typo? I did have to get help on watches, it didn't make sense to me.

    At the "Smart" stage - but I needed help with 5 of them so it obviously doesn't apply to I think I'll pass of the rest of them....
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