A couple of days ago I sent a thead asking for a walkthrough for Sydney Finds Employment. Fortunately I managed to finish this game without one. So now I have made my own walkthrough for this game Here is the solve for anyone else who may be stuck in solving the game

Knock on dumpster. Talk to Terrence. Get bucket from Syd`s bin. Try to enter the Runny Inn. Talk to bouncer. Go back into the lane. Get the stick from dumpster Search Terrence`s bin and get ID from it. Go back to Runny Inn show ID to bouncer and enter. Talk to Mr Smooth. Go to Business Corp Banks and enter. Get scissors from the jar. After Sydney`s conversation with the super hero, use scissors on the locked cupboard and get the dustpan from it. Talk to Bipasha. Go to Big Boy Publishing and enter. Talk to Bipasha. Go to Pet Appreciation and enter. Talk to Peta. Use dustpan with loose fur. Go to Raj`s Indian. Talk to Raj he gives Sydney a curry meal. Go into the Runny Inn. Use curry meal on the table. Use scissors on Sydney. Go into lane Use stick on dumpster, knock on dumpster Use loose fur on Terrence and he`ll make a wig for Sydney. Exit lane Go into Big Boy Publishing Use wig on Sydney Enter elevator Use emegency button and talk to it Get the bar from just below the mirror Use bar on escape door The super hero falls from the trapdoor and gives Sydney a walkie talkie Talk to Sufjan Get the collar from head sculpture Use collar on dangle friend Use dangle with collar on rope Talk to Sufjan again, tell him I`m feeling hot Use the fan and it blows the wig off Sydney`s head and Sufjan runs out of the room Get the magazine from desk Go into the Runny Inn Give magazine to Mr Smooth and Sydney recieves a suit in return. Talk to Bipasha Go to Raj`s Indian Talk to Raj Use bucket on Raj and he fills it with slush Use slush bucket on water and it hits the fisherman waking him up Use dustpan on fisherman to clean him Talk to fisherman Use walkie talkie on fisherman and the super hero appears and catches a big fish from the water for the fisherman Sydney now has the shoes Talk to fisherman Go into Pet Appreciation Try to enter the Private room Sydney wins 1st prize (a riibon) Use scissors on ribbon (a tie) Use hairdryer on power socket Use shoes on hairdryer Go to Business Corp Use scissors on big suit Sydney can now pass the crowd of business people Walk up the stairs Click on chair and talk to the big dude here