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    After Round 4 has finished, please post here about what you like/dislike about LP Invasion.
    Some questions I would like to ask the teams:

    Have the round release times been alright?
    Ive been trying to release my rounds at times where I thought that everyone could be available.

    Also: the points have been giving blind squirrels a huge lead since they've solved the first three rounds.
    Therefore, I'd like to ask: Is everyone happy with the teams? And do you mind the huge gap in points?
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    For the release time.. To be selfish... No I am not happy.
    Most release times have been weekday mornings for me when I am working. Otherwise they have been the middle of the night.
    Wednesday September 18th at 7:30PM GMT - 7:30am Thursday
    Saturday 21st at 2pm gmt - 2am Sunday (best one so far)
    Tuesday 24th at 7 PM GMT - 7am Wednesday
    Sunday September 29th at 7:30 PM GMT - Monday 8:30am (daylight savings)

    So I think I was round for the first half hour of the first round and 2 hours of the second.
    As for the lead and points.. I dunno how the other team feels.
    Apart from that I have enjoyed it, albeit mostly after the fact (except for now when it is a type o riddle I am useless at lol)

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    There were four good riddles so far, all fair. Although I usually enjoy most the solving part, I also liked the pic/video challenges - they were well chosen and doable.

    Release time:
    Except for the 2 PM GMT round, the others were a bit late for me (10:30 and 10 PM my time). But I know that we are from all over the world, from US to New Zealand, and it's hard to find a time to suit all the players.

    Being a member of Blind Squirrels, I can only say that I'm very happy with my team As for the gap in the points, I have a question: how many rounds will there be in all? I guess there are many points still on the table, and therefore chances for both teams to win.

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    I´m also very happy with my team ( Blind Squirrels) And being currently in the lead is not the reason for it.

    I´m not so happy with the release times. I´d prefer weekend releases ( Friday, Saturday, maybe Sunday). I´m working during the week and can´t stay up too late which makes a short time window for the rounds. 3 pm GMT and later releases would be perfect for me. Could be earlier on Saturday and Sunday. But like Klaxa already said, we need times that suit for everybody. At least release times should differ every time.
    It would be interesting to know who is really actually playing???

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    Round release times will always be a problem with teams so far apart. The best solutions are rotating the time so it is (un)fair for everyone at some point. Longer riddle threads also help, because the longer a round takes, the more likely everyone can participate at some point. Lastly, a little more warning about when rounds are to be released can help too. But the occasional sneak attack is fair.

    I am happy to be playing with fun people. For me that's the point. I can stare at riddles by myself all day if I would rather. I'm still stuck in Zest Exodus and have been for years. Occasionally, I'll revisit and make some hard earned progress. These riddles have been fair, and the challenges doable. Overall, I am happy with my team.

    As far as points in general go, I am strongly ambivalent. I've always felt solving and speed should be more heavily weighted, but the bonus and video points make it easier to catch up, and pull ahead. Plus they are fun, and they prolong the rounds.

    Thanks for all the hard work to date. Keep up the good work. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then, or however the expression goes in your country.

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    I think LP is thinking of maybe 20 rounds, but we may rethink that around round 10. There is an extra part worth lots of points coming around that time I believe. so brain mania can easily catch up.

    I too prefer weekend releases - Friday night/Sat as if the round goes on I end up at work when the solve happens or clues are needed.

    Just wondering if brain mania are all on Skype - I know personally it helps to bounce ideas around in a group skype chat. However they might play/think differently. I think their disadvantage so far, apart from release times is that there are fewer playing and they don't know each other so well as blind squirrels (which has more brain candy/nordinho players together).

    Possible suggestion. and I've not run this past anyone yet as I only just thought of there are 3 or 4 riddle setters, why not add 1 extra to each team on each on lp's round add me to 1 team and sleepyhead to the other...rotating us so we're not always on the same team. It would mean we don't have guinea pigs to test on (but when we locate stiffygal we would have 1 spare person to test on), but it would help each team and give the setters some solving/team building/getting to know the others too. We could work out a timetable of which order we set the rounds and who does what...joining teams or guinea pigging. Just an idea, not properly formulated yet.

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    Hmm solving rounds while creating them ...
    Interesting. I'll talk with you about that.

    What do you all think about this? Good idea or not?
    We woukd need to provide proof that we dont have insider knowledge of the round tho.
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    I think rotating the creators could be a fun idea.

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