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Thread: Shock Defence

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    Default Shock Defence

    Play here

    Build several towers to protect human kind.

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    ok so how do you research?

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    I guess it comes after every few levels, it was 7 on the last one. Thing is, I've not been able to get my powers powerful enough to get past 7. They *barely* beat 6... and I'm keeping them as upgraded as possible.

    I can't see a way to win. Anyone have any ideas?
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    You get an upgrade after every seven levels.

    To beat it you have to build a few cannons and a few basic arrow weapons early on, in positions where they cover as much path as possible. Work out how many you need to beat each level, don't just spend whatever you've got. You need only a couple of cannons and an arrow for the first level. The 'interest' on your money is quite important at the start.

    The only really difficult level in the whole game is the Centurion level (6?) where I've never lost less than 10 hp. Other than that I've never lost any hp.

    As soon as you get an upgrade, upgrade the weapon on the right of the three (not the money upgrade) and as soon as you can, get one of the available towers (they cost 50). Place it somewhere with a lot of coverage, preferably amongst your cannons/arrows and it's a very powerful weapon.

    As soon as you've got one in place the game becomes quite easy as your money builds up and you can buy a number of the more powerful weapons. You shouldn't need to bother with any of the other weapons you can upgrade to, until the 'Super Tower' becomes available which is very powerful.

    One more thing, you can upgrade the weapons you've already placed by clicking on them, this comes in handy at all stages of the game.

    The game has 35 levels but once you've survived 10-15 you should find the rest a breeze.

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    Default Instructions please

    Ok, I dont get it.
    I build these weapon towers, click start. The sheep work their way through and then exit.
    I click on the tower that has the sheep in it's range and they dont die. It appears that I am not attacking them.
    What am I missing? clicking on sheep doesnt seem to help. clicking on and off the tower that they're are in range of doesnt seem to help.
    Is their a way to "shoot" them?

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    Default Should be automatic

    The weapons should fire automatically.

    If you place a couple of cannons by the path, and a couple of the cheapest weapon for good measure, they should eliminate the sheep with little bother.

    I'm afraid I've no idea why your weapons aren't working!

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    If you are using a slingshot tower it will not kill the sheep, or even fire at them, as it is an AIR attack only (hover cursor over items to see what their properties are). The sheep should die easily enough with two stone towers. I found that stone towers and then towers of lightning were enough to get pretty far (level34 damnit!).

    Keep trying, maybe refresh your page.

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    this game took me a few solid days to coplete but all in all a great game.
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    Bwahahaaa! Take that creeps! That- I have to say, was a fool proof method. I didn't loose a life once!

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    on level 11 my stone tower caterpult stops working
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