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Thread: Sabrina In North Pole

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    Okay, Sabrina is standing there like a mummy; standing beside the woodblockz..

    Whut do I have to do .. =(

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    Default scene1

    Scene one: drop the icicle and move too grey area before the icicle regrows. Press the chimney till the man comes out. click the man till he rummages through the wood and click on his door to send him back in. It's quite hard to see but down and to the right of the stack of wood, really quite near it is a grey, which is why it's so hard to see, dot which is a (i think) piece of metal. then click the box for the winch system near the wheels and the rope starts turning. click on the rope and he gets into position and then click on the metal you picked up that was put into you inventory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    quickly press one of the wheels
    which wheel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    which wheel?
    it ok i did it

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    Hey there, if you get stuck with anything just send me a message and let me know

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    I cant seem to do it!!!! Is there some kind of trick to getting it? Pleese anser me,PPPPLLLLLEEEEEEESSSSSSSEEE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    I cant seem to do it!!!! Is there some kind of trick to getting it? Pleese anser me,PPPPLLLLLEEEEEEESSSSSSSEEE
    If i remember you have to turn the second wheel when the bear comes out.

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    Thumbs up walkthrough

    walkthrough soz 4 any mistakes:
    .Level 1
    .1- wen girl is at bottom of steps click ice points thingy so it falls and then clik on shadow at top of stairs.

    2- click on chimney of house like 7 times and wait for man to cum out.

    3-click on wood next 2 man.

    4- click on door of mans house and watch him closely to see him drop something

    3- click on that something on bottom rite hand corner of wood (it's really small, slightly greyish)

    4- click on little handle type thing on the rite of the top weel.

    5- wen wire has fully risen click on it.

    6- wen girls next 2 wire click on hook in inventory (bottom rite)

    Level 2

    1- quickly keep clicking on snow pile with no sticks on it (around bottom rite corner)

    2-click on shadow next 2 bridge

    3- click on little button hard 2 find: aproxx pic
    [ ]
    [ ] black square thing with weels in it
    [____0_ ]
    [ ]
    [ ] bridge

    0 = button but it's smaller than its is in that pic so just move da curser round till it turns into hand

    4- then click on top weel

    5- click on shadow on utha side of bridge

    6- click on button again

    7- click on middle weel quickly and more than once wen bears cumin out so dat da river fill up

    8- click on da forward button in left hand bottom corner

    level 3-

    0- click on shadow on edge of cliff

    1- click on man

    2- click on bits of snow (on cliff) until u dont slip off one , i think its da longest peice of snow side ways.

    3 - click on dog

    4- click on closest branches moving ur way up until u see ur shadow on edge of cliff and click it.

    5- keep clicking man until he sais he'll take u down (if its not working click on dog 2 make it bark

    6-then click on bar/ swing thingy under man keep clicking until it lowers

    7- click it again and ull jump on and hell take u down


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    Default walkthrough

    soz da step with da button stuffed up
    basicly da button is aroung da top rite corna of bridge in black darkness

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    How do you pass Level2?Sabrina keeps dieing or something.

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