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    Default New Horror Game "The Key" Announcement - Unity3D

    Hello everyone, Ainoraz here And today I am going to make a quick Announcement. Me and a friend (A.K.A Golden Glow productions) have been working on this project called "The key" In short It is a Horror game. And even though it is still in Alpha, You can find the download link in the description. Why you ask? Because releasing the game, even in it's early stages is very good for developers, because we can get new ideas and such from your feedback. Be sure to try the game and leave some feedback about it. Thank you very much for watching, and

    I will see you later.

    "The Key" Alpha 0.1.1:

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    Things have been slow, since our modeler had to leave. We will try to get back to work as soon as possible, but in the meanwhile this is our progress. It's not much, but theres a lot of bugs fixed.

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